Yes doctor, I am SURE that I’ve never been pregnant

DH’s urologist must have asked me that 10 times during the appointment yesterdya. Please doc, twist the knife harder. Oh and while you’re at it, remind me that at age 33.5 yrs I am getting older and need to get pregnant as soon as possible-oh wait, you DID remind me of that. And no, we don’t know why the first IUI with 55 million sperm didn’t knock me up but thatnks for asking. If I was still drinking alcohol I would’ve gotten tanked last night after that appointment.

Dr. Island (he had a Jamaican accent) has diagnosed DH with prostatitis. It is treatable but can be resistant to medications. Dr. Island prescribed 2 weeks of a new antibiotic and a prescription anti-infammatory. We then have to go back to Dr. Island on the 23rd to get the results of the SA. Both doctor and patient are confident that this will work. I am on the pessimistic/realistic side and realize that it might not work. I have done my research on it and I actually know a fellow TTC’er whose husband has been dealing with it for about 6 months. I am not letting DH in on my pessimism because I firmly believe in the mind body connection and I want him to have positive energy in his body.

I’ve also been looking at some non-medicine ways to treat this, so there will be a few changes that he will have to incorporate into his life. There will be no alcohol (hence why I’m not drinking either) from now until his next SA on the 21st (at the least-might just keep on with the not drinking). He will also be drinking lots of water, taking hot baths, making possible diet changes (looking into this in more detail as I type) and, um….. not to be crude but…..releasing himself more frequently. I am working to get him to give up energy drinks….I might have to play subliminal tapes for that one.

Of course while he has prostatitis, all of our infertility treatments are on hold which sucks. Oh yeah, and remember my last blog about the deployment, well word on the street is that it’s gotten move up to an evern EARLIER date. DH is no tyring to get an earlier report date to his new unit so that he can have more time with them before deployment. Surprisingly, I am not freaking out yet. I think that I’ve gone into survival mode which is a good thing. NOw I start making a list of what needs to be done proir to us moving….God help me.



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3 responses to “Yes doctor, I am SURE that I’ve never been pregnant

  1. Lisa

    That happened to me before my last surgery. They kept asking if I was sure I am not pregnant. And then said I have to pee in a cup even though I had nothing to drink since the day before. I was so frustrated with it. I wanted to scream- I am not pregnant and stop reminding me!

    I love your proactive way of dealing with everything. Making plans and researching alternatives. I think that is what is keeping you from freaking out. Very healthy. I am often impressed by you.

  2. Some doctors are so insensitive! I really don’t understand it 😦

    I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog! Check it out:

  3. I’m wishing you guys the best of luck! I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress. Things will somehow or another work themselves out. I’ll be thinking of you often!!!

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