Good times, good times

After the whining and drama of my last few blogs I wanted to let y’all know that things are evening out again. P’s ex has been backing off and not stalking me, as far as I know. I made my Twitter private and blocked a questionable Tweeter who literally never updated his/her status. Whenever I think about her finding me on there, pretending to have infertility and basically trying to stalk me (for whatever reason) it makes my blood pressure go up. Whatever. She can keep her drama in her own little world because I am too busy for it in mine.

P and I have also been spending more quality time together. We spent all weekend just hanging out, drinking (at home), going to the movies and renting movies at home. It was great. He has given me all of my Solstice gifts-he can’t stand to buy me something and not give it to me-and he did an awesome job, as always. He really listened to me talk and got me things that I wanted and needed-my Uggs (need them when we move to CO), the Pearl Jam Ten Deluxe set (my copy of Ten disappeared) and an external hard drive for my MacBook. Our weekend was full of laughs and literally ZERO stress or drama of any kind. It was the kind of weekend that we are used to having but stress had been getting in the way lately.

We have been talking and have basically decided that as much as humanly possible, we will not stress about the infertility, house buying, my job hunting or his upcoming deployment. It does no good to get all stressed and irritated with each other over things that are basically out of our control. We know that he is getting deployed and we know that we are PCS’ing. Both of those are under Army control, not our control. All we can do is prepare, which we are doing. As far as my job hunting goes, all I can do is send out resumes and use the contacts that I have in my current job. Besides, bickering most of the time is no fun and we know that this time next year we will be separated so we want to make the most of our time together.

I wish that I’d made up my mine earlier about celebrating Winter Solstice rather than Christmas. I feel like we aren’t getting to celebrate it as much as I wanted. We have a live tree with lights on it and tonight we are adding 2 more strings of lights on it. We are foregoing ornaments of any kind this year and I am giving away all of my old Christmas ornaments (except those given to me by family and friends) before we PCS. We were supposed to have a “special” dinner tonight but that has somewhat been scratched due to things related to his job. I am thinking about doing the special dinner on the 26th and then of course we will have a special New Year’s meal to close out the Solstice celebration. Next year I plan to have a live potted evergreen tree outside, a live wreath and do some more traditions such as burning a yule log. Hopefully my some miracle or stroke of luck P will be home on R & R during Winter Solstice next year.

Speaking of holidays, I guess that I should probably send some gifts to my family. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about them, I’m just not sure what to get or when to get it since my oldest brother isn’t getting back in country until after the 25th. I have been toying with the idea of donating to charities in their names. I think it’s a great idea but I’m not sure what they will think. Hmmmm, might have to consult P on this one.

No matter what you celebrate, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday celebration and enjoy time with your loved ones. If your loved ones are away from you, I pray that you get to see them soon.


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  1. Sorry to be missing for awhile – the holidays took over. Glad you and P are havign such a great time together and your Solstice plans sound perfect!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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