Reflections and new hope

I cannot believe what a year it has been. I initially got a bit weepy with the new year approaching. I just KNEW that we would be pregnant by the end of last year. That plan didn’t so much work out and right now, at this second I am ok with that. Notice that I said “at this second” because in an hour from now I might be sad about it. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined all the IF people that would become my friends from the internet. Seriously, it is amazing. I now have this wonderful group of women and men that understand and get it. That is the up side of infertility-I have met some AWESOME people and they have made me feel :not alone” in this journey. I ❤ them.

People have been doing end of decade blogs and I thought about that but really, there's not a lot to tell. I mean, stuff happened but really the most important thing was meeting and then marrying my husband. He is the organic peanut butter to my all fruit jelly. We have had so much together and this weekend has been especially lovely. He makes me laugh daily and he puts up with my princess temper tantrums and foot stomping episodes. He doesn't complain when the home is dirty or when there is a mountain of clean laundry to put away. He cooks (sometimes); he snuggles on the couch with me; he kisses me for no reason and he holds me when I cry. He said "I do" even though he knew that I had fertility issues. I don't know what I'd do without him.

The new year has given me a new outlook and new hope. There will be no resolutions this year. I am consistently trying to improve myself anyway and I want to leave myself open to whatever may happen. We TTC on our own this cycle and if it didn't work then we will have 2 more IUIs before we move to CO. I truly believe that we will be pregnant before we leave here. I am putting it out there in the universe and thinking positively. A few days ago, actually nights ago-it was pillow talk-we discussed what would happen if we aren't pregnant by the time we leave here. I won't even bother typing it out because it will work and we will be pregnant 🙂

I am declaring 2010 the year of infertiles. Infertility can suck it this year. We will all become parents.



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7 responses to “Reflections and new hope

  1. *hugs*
    May 2010 be the answer to all our prayers!

  2. I am declaring 2010 the year of infertiles. Infertility can suck it this year. We will all become parents.

    I love your declaration. I hope it’s true for you and many, many other infertiles.

  3. I found you on Twitter! I love your outlook. That’s great! I am an infertility survivor and recently started a blog to help others. Check it out! Happy New Year!

  4. “He is the organic peanut butter to my all fruit jelly” I love this, and it is so refreshing to hear someone so in love… its nice to take a moment sometimes and realise the love we already have… Thank you for reminding me what i have in my family as it is already – just when i needed it most…
    Thank you, it means alot to know that there are people out there who can remind me of the most precious things in life…
    HUGS and LOVE – always
    that was wilma on the keyboard… she sends her puppy love!

  5. You are so right: infertility can suck it!!! I too “at this second” am doing ok…we can have a mentdown together later 🙂

    Yay for our IF blog friends! 2010 is the year!!!

  6. Aww We love you too Becs! This IS our year!!!

  7. astra

    ” I am declaring 2010 the year of infertiles. Infertility can suck it this year. We will all become parents. ”

    GO YOU! 😀

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