Back in saddle, I mean stirrups

Tomorrow I will be heading back to the RE to start on the road to our 3rd (and hopefully final) IUI. I am feeling very optimistic and calm about this IUI. I cannot even explain it but I like it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been on fertility meds for 3 months. Maybe it’s because I took IVF off the table for now. Before taking IVF off the table my thoughts were centered around “Oh my gosh, we only have time for 2 IUIs before we move. If they don’t work we have to go for IVF. How are we going to get the money for IVF? If we get a loan, how are we ever gonna pay it off? What if doesn’t work the first time? How many times will we take out loans for IVF?” My thoughts were full of anxiety and fear. Now all I am doing is focusing on now, on this IUI and on us. It’s much better this way 🙂

So tomorrow I start the barrage of b/w, u/s (oh Wandy, it’s been so long since we last met) and injections. I am actually excited this time and not scared or anxious. I also plan to continue charting on Fertility Friend just so that I can see what an IUI cycle looks like as far as my BBT.

2010 will be full of good things. I just know it.



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7 responses to “Back in saddle, I mean stirrups

  1. Mrs. P

    You go girl …. keep up that positive flow of energy!
    Thinking of you!!

  2. Becka

    Hey, I like the new blog design!

    And being calm about the IUI is awesome…that might be all it takes!


  3. I’m hoping to do an IUI this cycle as well. I hope that we’re both successful!

  4. Corinne

    I’ve got my fingers crossed and good vibes flowing your way hon! 🙂

  5. Beyond Alice

    Wishing you all the best of luck!!!

  6. Glad you’re starting again!!! You’re right, this is gonna be a great year!

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