Waiting for the 2ww

Tomorrow I have an early morning appointment at the RE to check on my follicles and their progress. I have been doing Follistim 100iu injections since Wednesday night. The injections have been burning a bit more than last time but it’s not unbearable. What I have noticed is that the side effects are back. I am exhausted virtually all of the time. I’ve only managed to work out once while on the injections. I sleep and sleep but am still exhausted. And it’s not like I’m not getting good sleep-I am getting great sleep but it just never feels like enough. I am also concerned because I have been feeling dehydrated for the past 2 days even though I am drinking 80 ounces or more of water/juice/Gatorade (mostly water). Last time the dehydration was one of the first signs that I had mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I’m hoping that I am not developing OHSS but if I am, oh well. I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.

I am much calmer this time around. I have begun using EFT and I’ve been listening to Circle+Bloom’s free download. The nights that I listen to it, I have no issues going to sleep or staying asleep. I’ve been keeping myself optimistic this cycle which has helped me so much. I’ve not had a single full on breakdown yet, even since starting the injectibles 🙂 I still have negative thoughts that come into my head but I acknowledge them and then put them away. The whole mindset change has not only helped me, it’s helped my marriage. I know that P appreciates that I am not an emotional wreck this time around.

This cycle seems to be moving so slowly, much more slowly than the other cycles. I am only on CD10 yet I feel like I should already be in the 2ww. Even though I am followed by an RE, I am still taking my BBT each morning (it’s way more stable this month since I’m back on Metformin, Femara and Follistim) and I will start using OPKs today. I like to have some control over what’s going on and I want to make sure that I know everything possible about my body and what’s going on. Don’t get me wrong, I trust my RE and the nurses-they are truly wonderful-but I want to feel empowered and informed in this process. Knowledge is power 🙂

So that’s where we are, waiting for the 2ww. Should be having the IUI on Thursday or Friday of this week. P’s birthday is this week so I am taking that as a good sign. A BFP would be the best birthday present ever for him.



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9 responses to “Waiting for the 2ww

  1. Mrs. P

    Will be right here with you dear friend, every step of the way.

    That would be an awesome birthday present indeed =)

  2. Jen

    Always waiting for something right? That part drives me crazy. I am waiting to travel to Cali! Whoot!

  3. I hate waiting..seems like all us Infertile’s/Army wives ever do is WAIT. Lol..Good luck on your IUI!! 🙂 I’m sending you a ton of baby dust!!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!!! You’re at day 10 already?! I really hope that this cycle works for you. I know you wish you weren’t tired, but if you need to keep sleeping, do whatever your body tells you to! I can’t wait to hear more news!

  5. sending all the baby dust i can muster up! (and some prayers of course)
    my only advise is, drink more Gatorade, that is the best, and keep drinking it after you ovulate… other wise your body wont recover enough 🙂

  6. Good luck, sending positive vibes and baby dust your way!!

  7. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

    Do take care – hoping that the OHSS stays away!!

  8. I’m so pleased to hear that using EFT is helping you stay calm and optimistic this cycle! Do let me know if you need any guidance how to apply EFT – I’m happy to help. 🙂 And I see you use one of my favourite sayings: ‘Knowledge is power’ Yes indeed!

    Good luck with the IUI, I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you.

    Sarah x

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