And now we wait…..

IUI #3 took place this morning. I wish that I could say that it went off without a hitch but I can’t. Remember IUI #2 and the issue with the white blood cells in the semen? Remember how we were told by the local small town urologist the he cured P and everything was good to go? Yeah, not so much. Dr. S came in the room today and told us that P still had a lot of WBC in his semen. Apparently the SA that the Dr. Jamaica ordered did NOT test for WBC-it was just a regular ol’ SA. Have I mentioned that I hate living in a small backwards town?

P and I were floored to say the least. Dr. S was very patient in explaining everything to us. He explained that many REs do not even test for WBC when they do IUIs or IVFs. Dr. S also said that people CAN and DO get pregnant even with too many WBC in the semen. However, too many WBC can affect fertility by negatively affecting the whole sperm getting together with the egg process. By the time Dr. S got to that point, I am sure that he could read the anxiety all over my face. He assured us that we were still doing the IUI today and that we got in fact get pregnant. Also, he reviewed the Dr. Jamaica SA results with us (along with the other parts of today’s SA) and stated that all the other parts of the SA were normal. In other words, his swimmers are good, they are just swimming in some polluted water. Apparently I still didn’t look convinced because when I laid down and Dr. S got down to business, he asked me if I was ok-have I mentioned that I love our RE?

Unfortunately, there is not one definitive treatment for P’s leukocytospermia. It’s a trial and error type of treatment. If we are not pregnant (but we won’t have to worry about that because this will work), then Dr. S will treat us both with antibiotics. It’s possible that we could be passing a low lying infection back and forth.

Now for the good parts 🙂 My cervix was definitely in a good position, meaning that I am in prime fertile time. Dr. S also noted, while I was laying down on the table letting the swimmers swim, that all of my tests were good. He was very pleased at how well I responded to the medications this time. My E2 was 369, my LH was 5.19, my P4 was 1.18 and my endometrial lining was 10.8. Also, I had 9 follicles measuring 10 or above when I had all my blood tests and my ultrasound two days ago 🙂 I truly think that my no stress/zen attitude (thanks to Circle+Bloom and EFT) and the pregnancy teas (thank you Twitter friend) that I’ve been drinking helped me to respond so well to the medications.

Dr. S has me on Crinone nightly so although I am going to continue to chart my BBT, I cannot depend on it to tell me if AF is coming or not since the Crinone will keep my BBT elevated. I want to continue to charting 1) because I am curious how it will look with me on Crinone, and 2) I want to stay in the habit of charting. I am not a fan of Crinone-it’s messy-but it’s definitely better than Prometrium. That shit is the devil.

So, now we wait. We wait for 2 weeks and then I POAS. I am trying to remain zen through all of this. I didn’t cry today and I didn’t break down and buy wine at the store. I will drink my pregnancy teas, listen to my Circle+Bloom download, do EFT and of course pray. Hopefully it all pays off in the end.

ETA-Dr. S also stated that leukocytospermia is not nearly as bad as dealing with bad count/motility/morphology. Can’t believe I forgot to put that in there to begin with-it’s one thing that is keeping me positive.



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7 responses to “And now we wait…..

  1. I’m crossing my fingers that this two-week wait flys by for you, and that it ends in a happy, happy BFP!

  2. Good luck! I hope this is your cycle!

  3. so very hopeful for you this cycle! Hope these next 2 weeks fly by and there is a BFP at the end!

  4. Jen

    Gosh I miss Dr. S. In fact I miss the whole dang office. My new one is just not the same. Sorry to hear that it was stressful, but glad you got to try anyway! Lots of luck and baby dust! Maybe this will be it for both of us! 🙂

  5. Sending lots of luck and good vibes your way!!!


    I would’ve freaked too to find out the WBC was still high, especially since you were told it was fine. However, the fact that the WBC isn’t as bad as morph/mortility probs is awesome.

    Stay zen, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  7. I have faith that we will both get pregnant with our IUI’s this cycle!

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