I’m not even obsessing about tomorrow’s IUI

And ya want to know why I’m not obsessing? Because the reality of moving in 4 weeks has finally hit me. I have had minor almost freakouts about it earlier but like Scarlett I though “I can’t think about this today. I’ll think about this tomorrow.” Well today was apparently tomorrow. I started doing a budget for the next couple of months and it hit me “I don’t know where we’ll be living, what our rent/mortgage will be and if I will have a job!” Of course I would prefer that we have a mortgage but since I still don’t have a job there (well, I do but I don’t-will explain that in a bit), I doubt that we can qualify on P’s income alone. He has the next few days off work so I plan to have him look into that, among doing other things. Yep, I will definitely be giving him a “honey do” list and I will be making a list for myself. In fact, dear readers, let me just make that list right here so that you can join in my freaking out.

Need to do in the next 4 weeks before we are homeless:
1. Clean out the downstairs closet and outside storage. *Scheduled to do this weekend, March 13-14*
2. Take stuff from #1 to on post thrift store. *Scheduled to do this weekend, March 13-14* Changed-doing this on Wednesday, March 24th
3. Make a list of things for the movers not to pack. *Work in progress*
4. Pack enough clothes for 10 days (for those who aren’t familiar with military moving, you might not get your stuff quickly once you relocate).
5. Reserve a moving trailer.
6. Sod the backyard since the demon dogs have made it into a dirt pit. *Doing this the day before we leave.*
7. Clean out potted plants and lay down more rocks since demon dogs have messed up the rocks. *Doing this next weekend, March 20-21, as long as it doesn’t rain*
8. Get Dyson repaired. *Dropping off March 13* Changed-decided to do this in Colorado because if we did it here, it would have ot be shipped to TX and back.
9. Clean out little Bissell Green Machine.
10. Clean couch with Bissell. *decided to do this after the move in case it gets dirty during the move*
11. Clean carpets. *Doing this after HHG (household goods) are picked up on the 25th*
12. Repair interior damage caused by demon dogs (window sill, door frame and wall where Bear tried to chew through it). *Work in progress* All that’s left to do is paint =)
13. Take Ranger to vet for yearly shots.
14. File federal and LA taxes (this is SUPER important).
15. Give 30 day notice to current rental company (this should probably be #1).
16. Forward mail to someone since we have no Colorado address yet. *Hoping to have an address by the end of this week, March 13*
17. Bathe all demon dogs.
18. Find out how much Dramamine to give demon dogs (car sick dogs are no fun). 2mg per pound
19. Find a place to live in Colorado, or at least a place to live for a month while we figure it out. *Work in progress*
20. Find a full time job (I have an on-call job waiting for me there but we really need for me to have a solid second income). *Work in progress*
21. Clean out my office at work =( *Starting this on Monday, the 15th*

I’m sure that there is more to do but I am feeling feverish so I am wrapping this up. P has a list, too but his is work based and involves everything that he needs to do in order to clear post. To his list I am adding “talk to realtor”, “talk to mortgage guy” and “look online for places to live”.

Shit, I just remembered one for me-reserve a dog friendly hotel room for the trip. *Will reserve a room at a La Quinta as soon as we nail down a date to move.*

ETA: More things to do before we move:
23. Call power company to discontinue service. Will be put back in the owner’s name on the 31st.
24. Call cable/internet provider to discontinue service. Will be disconnected on the 31st.

May the force be with us during this move.



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10 responses to “I’m not even obsessing about tomorrow’s IUI

  1. Oh dear lord thats quite the list! I have every ounce of faith that you will complete everything on that list with time to spare! I know the stress of having to move quickly…we moved across the country on three weeks notice! Things will work out…because they have to. That’s what I kept telling myself! You know how to reach me if you need to freak out =)

  2. omg- i clicked on your blog ready to write that i missed hearing your posts – NOW I KNOW WHY!!! You’ll be able to do it!!!!

  3. That is a huge to do list. I hope you make good progress on that list and start to feel more comfortable about things.

  4. wow that’s a list! I remember moving from Florida to California and our list looked a lot like that, including the whole finding a place to live thing, but I am happy to report that we found a great place and all worked out well. I hope everything works out well for you too! may the force be with you!!

  5. Jen

    Just go day by day and you’ll get through it!

  6. You can do this! Your list will keep you organized and on track and you will get through it!

    Sending you good vibes for tomorrow – may the force be with you through it all!

  7. I hope that your IUI went well today!

    You sure do have a great deal going on these next few weeks. It’s good that you’re tackling things head-on. Your list, although overwhelming, will help you get through.

    Good luck!

  8. Geez Chickey – that’s a tall todo list!
    Holy smokes. I don’t envy you- but I have faith in you! You can do it! If I can help in any way (for instance, I have currenly found not 1, not 2, but THREE places for some friends of ours, so if you want another set of eyes DM me your email addy and some specifics and I’d be glad to look around online for ya)
    Anywho… won’t keep ya any longer! xo good luck!

  9. You’ll get it done, no worries. I know it feels like a lot, but many of those things will roll together and can get accomplished at the same time. Just keep your head focused on the big game pieces—although sometimes crossing off all those little things makes the big stuff easier. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and prayers said for those bigger items for you! 😉

    Ohh ooh and if you’ve got anything interesting you’re thinking might need a new home 😉 Well not the demon dogs though!

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