I am like a 5 year old before the holidays

It all hit me in the past couple of days. I cannot wait to live Colorado. Yes, being an Army family we might only be there a couple of years but I will soak it all up. No offense to any of my web friends, but I never wanted to live in Louisiana. Yes, I love the cuisine-so happy that it’s crawfish season-and I’ve made some awesome friends, but Louisiana is not my cup of tea. Colorado IS my cup of tea.

I visited Colorado for a week or so right out of college. My then boyfriend and I drove from Alabama to Estes Park, CO in 2 days and then we explored the town and the National Park. I fell in love with the state. I still remember the peacefulness that came over me as we drove in and saw the mountains. I remember the people, the food, the beer, the snow (in JUNE!) and everything. I fell in love. Right then and there I knew that one day I wanted to live in Colorado. I never could’ve predicted that it would be with an Army man and our zoo.

The other morning, walking to the car it hit me-I would rather be temporarily homeless and jobless in Colorado than stable and fine here. I know that we can find a home there-have a great lead on a rental (thanks Brittany!) if we can’t buy. I know that I can get some sort of job there to supplement the on call job that is waiting for me.
I know all of this, but sometimes I forget.

The important thing is that I am getting to live out a dream of mine AND it’s with the most wonderful man in the world.



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7 responses to “I am like a 5 year old before the holidays

  1. It makes me happy that you are so happy!

    I can’t wait to read all about it when you move.

  2. Jen

    You are going to LOVE it there! There are great places to explore within an hour of CS besides the city having it’s cute and quaint areas. HUGE difference from LA! 🙂

  3. I’m excited about your move! My best friend lives in Colorado, and its always been on our list for places we would move to… 🙂

  4. that’s awesome! i’m so excited for you move now….at first i didn’t know exactly how you felt about it – but after this post – i can’t wait for you to get there!!!

  5. I am so excited for you! I know Colorado is going to be great for you!

  6. I too am excited for you! Have always wanted to visit CO – it looks so beautiful in pictures! I hope your move is as painless as possible and that your transition will be as beautiful as the state you’re moving to 😀

  7. I love Estes Park! Hubby and I always visit there when we go back to CO to visit my family. I’m so excited for you to move there!

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