Wordfull Wednesday

No way that I can be wordless today 🙂 There is so much going on in my head so I’m going to get it all out on here.

We are 2 days away from an answer. Two more sleeps until we find out if IUI #4 worked. I’ve been doing really well in the 2ww but this is where anxiety and dread starts setting in. My coworkers know that I will be POAS so they will understand if I’m upset. I am gonna miss my work friends when I move 😦

I already have a contingency plan if it’s another BFN. Yes, yes, I know that I need to be positive and I am but I am also a planner. P and I are having a home cooked steak dinner at home on Friday night so if I’m not knocked up I’ll be having LOTS of wine. I’ll also be getting my tattoos this weekend if it’s another BFN. We are also looking at the possibility of one more IUI if this one didn’t take. We could push our move to the right by a couple of days, get inseminated and then move. I just have to know that we tried everything possible before he leaves. Of course, if it’s a BFP I will be drinking water on Friday night and instead of tattoos I’ll do some shopping for me 🙂 I wish that I could just go fast forward past the POAS and just know the answer.

Things are moving right along with our move. I have located pet friendly hotels (LaQuinta) on the way to Colorado Springs and we also *might* have found housing. We’ve pretty much decided not to buy at this time. With him being deployed, I don’t want to have to deal with any house issues that might go wrong when he’s gone for that long. At least with renting I can call maintenence to fix anything that goes wrong. Through the power of prayer (and my friend, Brittany) we have found a place that we like. I am going to email the rental company today and hopefully we will be able to move right in when we get there. One less thing to worry about. I’ve also updated this post with the progress of getting the moving list done.



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11 responses to “Wordfull Wednesday

  1. Wow! good job on being a planner – I really think it will help a lot either way! Just know that my fingers are crossed, eyes, toes, everything I can for you on Friday … sending you lots of baby dust! ❤

  2. I totally understand having plans for either result. We have ours. I like to think they keep me going in some weird way.
    Crossing my fingers for you.

  3. Aw I’m so glad I could help on the house hunt 🙂 I can’t wait for you to get here, I think you’ll like it a lot (especially since you hate Polk…I love it here just because it’s *not* Hood :p ).

  4. You sound like me. I like to have a plan for everything, so I know what to expect. Hopefully you won’t have to use that BFN plan and you will have lots to celebrate this Friday!

  5. Hi there,

    I LOVE your blog! You’re a fantastic writer and you’re wonderful at putting into words what I am often feeling about my own journey with getting pregnant.

    I’ve tried finding your handle on Twitter but can’t seem to locate you.

    Would you mind letting me know what your Twitter handle is so that I may follow you there?

    I’m @fertilityplanit.

    Best Wishes to you,

    and fingers crossed for some very happy news for you on Friday!!

    Karin 🙂

  6. So happy that things are coming together for your move to Colorado. And I am praying that you are shopping and drinking water this weekend!

  7. I am a planner too 🙂 I so hope that you get a positive in two days. I have been following your cycle the whole time since it’s so similar to mine. You have given me hope.

  8. Good luck!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will have to cancel your tattoos!

  9. You are just like me, contingency plans and lists….yay for being Type A! 🙂

  10. Having a plan is a grat thing to do – it leaves you with something to do no matter what the case! I am praying that in 2 days you go nuts with the water and shopping!!!

  11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get your BFP! I’m sending lots and lots of baby dust your way!

    I’m a planner to, so I understand where you’re coming from.

    Which tattoo would you be getting? Is it the Hope one?

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