Say it ain’t so, Jesse James

Before I start this blog post let me say that I don’t care if you think I am pathetic for caring about or writing about the marriage trouble of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. If you feel the need to comment, keep semi nice. I have seen some AWFUL things written about Jesse today-like that he should die and burn in hell-for whatever he did. Is he a douchebag? Yeah. Does he deserve to burn in hell for it? Nah. Child molesters, rapists, animal abusers, etc deserve that. I also reserve the right to delete any extremely hateful comments because this is my blog and I am the princess of it 🙂 Now onto the real stuff.

I am seriously bummed about what has gone down this week regarding Jesse and Sandra (yes, I am using first names only, not because I all BFF with them but because I don’t feel like typing out their whole freaking names every time). Typically I don’t give 2 shits about celebrity break ups but I’ve always liked them, individually and as a couple. When half the world didn’t understand why in the world she-the clean cut girl next door-would hook up with him-a tattooed California bad boy with a colorful past who likes fast cars and fast bikes-I understood. In fact I understood completely because I-the mostly clean cut girl next door-fell for a tattooed California bad boy with a colorful past who likes fast cars and fast bikes. In fact, my bad boy actually met Jesse before the Monster Garage fame and worked on a hot rod with him. Yep, that’s right-my bad boy built hot rods, too. Of course I also had a massive celeb crush on Jesse since Monster Garage. Watched the show all the time. Got teary eyed during the finale. But i digress…

Wait, it gets better (or weirder, whatever). Apparently I look a good bit like Sandra. No blog readers, I am being conceited. In fact I’ve never really seen the resemblance but since she came out in Demolition Man countless people-boyfriends, gal pals, strangers, WalMart cashiers, grocery baggers, clients-have told me that I could be her double. Some folks even say that we have the same mannerisms. HUGE self esteem booster to me. So in some weird, non logical and mental patient sounding kind of way, I feel a weird kinship to Sandra. (I swear, I know that I sound like a mental patient and perhaps a stalker but I’m not.)

What possessed me to even write this blog tonight were some of the hateful comments that I have seen on the internet about the whole debacle. That she had it coming because he met her while he was still (technically) married to the ex porn star. That she shouldn’t be surprised because “that” (cheating) is what you get when you marry a tattooed bad boy that likes fast cars and fast bikes. That they never should’ve married because she was clean cut and classy and he was tattooed, partied and was trashy. Really? I get that celebrities are celebrities and the public, myself included, forget that they are PEOPLE with feelings and the ability to read things on the internet. Yes, he likes fast cars, fast bikes, tattoos and making things blow up. Do those things automatically mean that he’s a bad person? Not at all. Do those things automatically mean that he can’t possibly have a relationship with someone different than him? No. Was this cheating (or whatever occurred since he was understandably vague in the apology) a bad decision on his part? HELL YES.

When I met P, there were many people who didn’t understand it. All they could see was that he was (almost) divorced (yes, my bad boy also separated from a not good woman); had several tattoos; liked fast cars; was 8 years younger than I; was blue collar and had an affinity for guns. I had 2 college degrees and a white collar job. Oh, and he was in the military and I had SWORN I would never marry a military man. They didn’t see what I saw until was into the relationship. “They” includes my parents. They were completely against our relationship in the beginning. They now LOVE him and wish that they could see him more often.

So yeah, I get how those two kids fell in love. I TOTALLY get it. That’s why this week’s information about Jesse and that fugly tattooed chick has me bummed.

So now, my open unsolicited (and I’m sure not wanted) advice to Jesse and Sandra. Don’t listen to outsiders. Don’t Google yourselves. Turn off the internet and television. I’m not going to even pretend to know what the two of y’all are going through but I get what brought y’all together in the first place. If you two decide to work it out, then do it and ignore the haters. If you decide to not work it out, keep it clean, amicable and out of the media. Think about the kids, too and what’s best for them. And Sandra, if you took off with Cinnabun at least let Jesse know that you have her 😉



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5 responses to “Say it ain’t so, Jesse James

  1. I totally agree with you! I feel so bad for what they are going through, her for what’s happened and him for how he’s being treated. I have always liked each one individually then when they married I was so excited for them, crazy I know, but they were always so cute together.

  2. I love you for talking about this. I freakin’ idolize Sandra Bullock. Seriousy, I want to BE Sandra Bullock. Haha. I hate to admit it, because you made some good points, but I’m totally one of those who said… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when I found out she was dating Jesse James. He makes my stomach turn. HOWEVER, watching her give her recent award speeches made me believe in love even more than I already did (and that’s a whole freakin’ lot). I adored both of them as a couple, watching her be so in love with him (and him seemingly so in love with her). Then this. Sorry, but I hate him again. Who freakin’ cheats on Sandra Bullock? And with that chick? She seriously told the press that she called him “Vanilla Gorilla?” Yes, I just threw up in my mouth. Haha. Where did he find THAT? Initially and ONLY for the kids, I hoped she’d forgive him. But… once is an “I’m sorry” – maybe a lapse in judgment, but 11 months? You’re not sorry. AND the fact that it happened while she was filming “Blind Side?” Dude, you just totally ruined all those huge, first time awards she just won. They’re tarnished now.
    I hope my comment isn’t hateful, etc. I love her. My heart hurts over this situation. She deserves someone who loves her 100. I want that for her.

  3. liberalgranolagirl

    Not hateful at all 🙂

    The thing is, in a weird way I feel for Jesse in all of this too. Yes, he was stupid, but he’s just a quiet (as in, not usually in all the tabloids) guy that I hate that it all came out this way. I really feel like trashy Nazi whore did all of this for money and fame. There is no other reason to sell your trashy story (yeah, I also threw up in my mouth a little at her calling him “Vanilla Gorilla”) to a tabloid. I wish that her and all of the trashy whores that sleep with these married celebrities would be black listed from the tabloids and media.

    And I think that you are so right about her first Oscar being tarnished because of this, and that sucks so much!

    I’m not sure that I believe the 11 month thing. I know that they showed screen shots of text messages from “JesseJ” in her phone, but you can name people whatever you want in your phone. I hope that it wasn’t an 11 month thing. And I hope that wherever Sandra is that she is surrounded by family and friends who love her and make her feel comforted.

  4. Waiting Lisa

    The whole thing makes me sad 😦

  5. since i’ve been sick i haven’t been watching tv and had no idea of any of this…so while i can’t comment on that – i totally get how you feel a connection…sometimes people say i look like denise richards – and you know her crazy situations – and i ALWAYS have to read up about it…i can’t even think of anything i’ve seen her in that i really liked!

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