I’m done

I’m done with OPKs this month. I foud myself worried about getting a + one and worried about having sex at the right time. I wanna enjoy this pre-deployment time, not stress about ovulation and sex.

Having said that, I’m still charting BBT and symptoms. For some reason I find that way less stressful than OPKs.

Now I’m off to enjoy a Bloody Mary with my wonderful husband 🙂



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7 responses to “I’m done

  1. I think the more tracking I do, the more stressed out I get…I had a weird cycle this month (after 6 months of not temping) and it had me soo stressed out… You definitely need to enjoy the time with P…have a Bloody Mary for me!!

  2. Jen

    Pre-D sex! Enjoy and forget about those OPKs!

  3. I hope that you enjoy your time with your hubby and have a great weekend.

  4. You enjoy your time with your hubby hon!!


  5. I’m with Honey B. It seems the more I track the more stressed out I am. The temping not so much, that’s a piece of cake. But I worry about NOT getting a + on my OPK everyday. And I worry that I might have missed it by a hours, or something something dumb like that.

  6. Good for you! OPKs stress me out, too. I don’t blame you for putting them away. I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend with your hubby.

  7. I agree – OPKs stress me out, so I stick to BBT for now. Enjoy your time with your hubby!

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