Maybe I won’t have to quit….

I have made friends with 2 of the ladies at work and I love them 🙂 They are sarcastic and funny and they let me in on “the elephant in the room”, which is a toxic co-worker. I thought it was just me that she didn’t like but it’s everyone. I feel much better now; not that everyone has to like me but I seriously felt like she hated me, and just me. Any of my old Polk coworkers reading this, she’s like the one that left right after I started there 😉

I also taught my first class today and apparently I rocked it. Another coworker (not the two ladies, an older SWEET AS PIE lady) complimented on it, my boss complimented me on it AND so did some of the individuals in the class. Public speaking/teaching is not my favorite thing in the world but I’ll do it when I have to, and I’ll be doing it on a regular basis here. Giving quick 10 minute briefs are nothing but teaching a class of 30 how to resume intimidated me at first. I feel much better after getting this first one out of the way.

I am enjoying meeting my clients here at this military post. Today I spent 30 minutes talking to a soldier who used to be in “the unit that doesn’t exist” and it was so interesting. No, he didn’t tell me any military secrets or clssified information but he did tell me how he was on Lost when he was stationed in Hawaii and how is an amateur stand-up comic. Seriously, I cannot imagine what his stand up routine must be like. I am hoping to see him perfrom during an open mic night. Today I scheduled 3 one on one counseling sessions for this week and Monday. I LOVE that part of my job and getting back to that part. As long as I focus on that and helping the soldiers in general, I think I’ll be fine.

Oh and I’m off on Friday 🙂 We have this work week flexibility thing so as long as I work a total of 80 hours during the pay period, I can take off a Friday a month. Making up 8 hours over 9 days is easy for me so I am loving it! Friday I’ll be taking Ranger and Bear to the vet-Ranger needs shots and we now think Bear has an ear infection, not ear mites. (I feel like a bad Mommy.) I’m also thinking of getting a haircut and going shoe shopping. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll call that Aveda salon by BWW for an appointment, then I can shoot over to DSW before I take the dogs to the vet. Yep, that sounds like a good plan 🙂

On a completely unrelated note, we paid off 2 credit cards today (only 4 to go), I’m running again today after taking 3 days off (stupid injury) and I’m making “Black Bean Lasagna” for dinner tonight (it’s in last week’s Meatless Monday). It sounds delish and other than the black olives, which I will omit, there is nothing in it that I don’t like. I feel confident that it will be a hit.



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3 responses to “Maybe I won’t have to quit….

  1. wow sounds like you have made some great connections st your new job! So happy for you 🙂

  2. It sounds like things are going really well at work. I’m so happy for you! And I wish our work would implement a flex schedule thing. I would work 10 hour days if it meant I could have Fridays off!

  3. Sounds like so many great things – YAY!

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