Feeling like a (slightly) bad furmommy

As some of you may remember from Twitter or FB, we thought that Bear was struggling with a case of ear mites. (I still think that at first it was ear mites) I’ve had dogs since I was born (literally) and have seen as well as doctored many cases of ear mites. He had the tell tale signs and there was some improvement with OTC meds. Then the OTC meds started hurting him so I stopped and went to homeopathic methods. Then the head shaking got worse. I called a local vet and he was seen today.

My darling Bear

He has a mixed yeast and bacterial ear infection =( We have to put medicine in the ear everyday and clean it out with a prescription solution every other day. I feel guilty about not taking him in sooner. The doctor did the cleaning and medicating today so that we could see how it’s done. My poor little Bear, he cried and screamed while she was cleaning his ear. I know that part of it is him being a drama queen but I KNOW that it hurt him some because there was blood on the cotton balls from the raw places in his ear. Having a solution being on those spots and then having them vigorously rubbed could not have felt good. I wanted to cry and to punch the vet but I knew that she was doing her job (she is really nice and I got a great recommendation for her from a friend). I guess that’s how my Momma felt when the doctors and nurses had to hold down my brother to give him shots. What made it worse is that Ranger was in the room with us and P had to hold him back and calm him because he was quite upset that his little brother was distressed. After it was all over, Bear got a treat and licked the vet’s face. All was forgiven.

Ranger, the protective brother

Afterwards we took them to a dog park-a first for them. They were well behaved for the most part (Bear had a few humping incidents) and were way more well behaved than several of the dogs there. We will definitely take them back to a dog park since there are several in the area.

For tonight, Bear is getting extra lovin’….well, so is Ranger-seems like his hip is hurting him from all the running. Don’t worry, the others are getting their share of lovin’ too πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “Feeling like a (slightly) bad furmommy

  1. Aw poor Bear. I hope the drugs do the trick and he feels better soon.

  2. oh- i’ll be thinking of your wonderful furbabies!

  3. Oh poor bear! I hope his ear is doing a lot better by now 😦

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