Meatless Monday and a Lesson

First of all, here’s a lesson that I learned the hard way dear readers-don’t eat a big juicy beef burger if you haven’t eat red meat in months. I gave up ground beef many months ago and switched to ground turkey. Then, of course, a few weeks ago I decided to become a part time vegetarian. Well, after Zumba on Saturday I was CRAVING a big juicy burger. Rather than smartly looking for a turkey option, I opted for the full beef burger with cheese and yummy cooked onions. Let’s just say that I’m paying for it. So readers, if you have given up beef or meat, don’t go all out if you’re craving it-baby steps, people, baby steps. My husband also kindly shared his germs with me and I am now fighting off a cold AGAIN. Yeah a cold and stomach issues are not a favorable combination.

If I brave eating real food tonight, I’ll be eating an Amy’s frozen organic cheese pizza. I felt guilty eating prepared foods for some of my meatless dinners, but then I realized it might actually help by showing that eating vegetarian meals does not mean that you have to actually cook every single night. If you are looking into dipping your toes into vegetarianism, look at soups and your frozen food section. I love Morningstar “chicken” and everything I’ve ever tried from Amy’s Organic line has been delicious. With soups, add your own stuff in there to make it more yours. Get on and look around at some the vegetarian recipes-there are easy and yummy ones out there, I promise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink my Sprite and eat some crackers. Hopefully I’ll be enjoying pizza later.



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5 responses to “Meatless Monday and a Lesson

  1. I love morning star and amy’s products. Though I burned my soy pizza the other week and I was just following directions. My favorite morning star products are the chicken patties and the asian cakes. I also like boca burgers. I hope your tum tum feels better.

  2. I’ve been a vegetarian on and off for twenty years. I can tell you red meat is the hardest to eat after a break except for some reason Buffalo does not bother me at all. I can no longer eat a steak though. I just don’t have the enzymes anymore to break it down.
    I love, love, love Amy’s products. The morningstar meatballs are awesome. Perfect with some Paul Newman spaghetti sauce.

  3. Ugh, that has definitely happened to me before after not eating red meat for a while. Brutal! I hope you start feeling better soon in all aspects. 🙂

  4. Hi!!! I’m totally caught up with you now – sorry to have taken a break from this all for a while. I hope you’re feeling better – tummy trouble and a cold are horrible – so sorry. I’m SO SO happy that everything’s seems so fantastic in your new place!!!!

  5. Been there. Eating meat in general after not having it for a while makes me sick. You would think I would take the hint and not eat meat at all. I’ll get there someday.

    My favorite meatless “meat” products are made by Quorn. Their chicken substitute is so good.

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