Scattered thoughts

Time is going too fast. We are having fun but it’s just too fast. Our weekends are filled with eating out, shopping, drinking and hanging out. I’m cherishing every single freaking second, just wish it would slow down.

This weekend is a long one and we have lots of fun stuff planned πŸ™‚ Tonight we had dinner out and then went to see the Prince of Persia. It was a GREAT movie! I got teary eyed during the previews because most of them were for movies coming out after P leaves. Nonetheless, it was a great night. Now we’re relaxing at home and I’m enjoying a glass of wine. Tomorrow I go to Zumba (seriously, my new favorite exercise) and then we are going to Territory Days in Old Colorado City. I seriously LOVE that part of town and would love to live there one day. It’s where I take Zumba and it reminds me a lot of Savannah and the Highland area in Birmingham. I feel at home in the Springs but I really feel at home in that area-hippies, local artists, dancers, hip earthy parents all seem to frequent that area. I am taking my good camera out there tomorrow and hope to get some great pictures. Either Sunday or Monday we hope to take the dogs outdoors some where for some walking and I plan to take some pictures then, too. I really need to get back to serious picture taking-at one time it was so therapeutic for me.

I’ve been doing great with eating and exercising this week πŸ™‚ I made 3 Cheese Baked Ziti on Monday and literally ate it all week. I never got tired of it-P did but he just ate sandwiches instead. No way was I cooking every night with it being so hot and this house not having A/C. I’ve run once and been to Zumba twice this week. I planned to run today but when I left work at noon (took half a day off) I crashed for a 4 hour nap. I am really not sure why I was so exhausted but I listen to my body so I took the day off from exercising. The weight loss is going slowly but it’s going. I lost 6 lbs, gained 3 back and have lost 2 of those so I guess I’ve lost 4 lbs so far πŸ™‚ I think that the key for me is staying away from unhealthy snacks and eating out during the week. Last week I did not do well at all with the eating-ate out and snacked A LOT. Must not do that on a regular basis. Also, been doing well with eating vegetarian for the vast majority of my meals. My goal is 1, max 2, non-vegetarian meals per week and so far I’ve been sticking with it. I am proud of me πŸ™‚

In less than a week I turn 34 and in just over 2 weeks we have our IVF consultation. I am ridiculously calm about all of that at the moment. My next therapy appointment is on my birthday and P has agreed to go with me at the request of my therapist-LOVE MY HUSBAND. He is so not a therapy person but he didn’t hesitate when agreeing to go with me. I love that he sees how important this is to me. I love that I married him. I hate infertility but I love that he’s the one going through this with me. He is amazing.

I feel guilty about not blogging as much, seriously I do. I promise that I will blog A LOT when he’s gone. So much that you’ll probably get sick of me :-p There is so much that I think of blogging about during the week, then I get home after running or going to Zumba and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with P and watch iCarly (yeah, I love iCarly-so what?!) I need to just write like 5-7 blogs over the weekends and then post them throughout the week.

To all who read my blog, thank you-for real ❀ I promise to catch up on blog reading, too. I am ridiculously behind but I truly promise to read all of them on my Reader.



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9 responses to “Scattered thoughts

  1. Lovely to read your Blog and I am loving your tweets too . Hope the run up to first IVF appointment treats you well , fingers are firmly crossed for you xx Anya

  2. Don’t worry about not blogging gal—enjoy life and cherish these moments. I’m glad you’ve found such a good place–physically, mentally, emotionally. You’ll have plenty of time to work out more and blog, just as you said, once the deployment starts….unfortunately. Wasn’t the baked ziti AMAZING?! πŸ˜‰

  3. Didn’t I already comment on this?

  4. It sounds like you are doing great. I read your twitters about how much fun your having and how you meet new friends every place you go and I think it’s amazing. I wish I could meet people just like that. The ziti sounds amazing. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. I love reading about how happy you are in your new place ❀

    I am going to go check out that ziti recipe now.


  6. Don’t worry about us – cherish your time with your Hubby before he’s gone. We’ll be here to support you throughout!

  7. I wouldn’t feel bad about getting behind while spending great time with your hubby while you can.
    I dropped in to tell you that I got the rug and the cafe set both at Lowes. We searched every where but happened to find both deals there. πŸ™‚

  8. Spend every minute with him you can! I know it’s gonna be rough when he goes but you have us to keep you laughing (or make you crazy) until he gets home! Can’t wait to hear about your IVF consult! xoxoxo

  9. Hi! I thought I commented on this already, sorry. I know I read it, cause I told my husband last week that we should see Prince of Persia since you like it.

    Anyway – I hope you had a grat birthday and I’m dying to hear how your IVF consult went – LUV YA! xo

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