A Wonderful Sunburned Weekend

P and I have enjoyed a wonderful, beautiful weekend. Friday night we did our normal thing-watched movies and drank at home. I normally go to Zumba on Saturday mornings but P asked me to please spend the whole day with him, so we went fishing 🙂 We got up, got breakfast, bought supplies at Dick’s and then headed to the Skaguay Reservoir for a day of fishing.

On the way...

My hunky hubs

LOVE fishing in the mountains

My pretty fishing pole

Pretty flower

The master at work

Beautiful clear water

Our fuel for the day

We didn’t catch any fish but spending quality time alone, with no cell phone reception was great. We both got sunburned and then went to a local Mexican joint for food. I think that we are going to do some river fishing next weekend. Hopefully we’ll catch something so that we can have fresh fish for dinner 🙂

Today we spent much of our day helping our friend, Sarah, move to her new house. Most people might like consider that fun but it seriously was fun. So happy for her that she bought a home and I can’t wait to spend time over there with her painting and having girl time when P deploys. After helping her we grabbed lunch at Red Robin’s and went to Whole Foods. Yes, heart Whole Foods so much. Sundays have traditionally been our days to run errands and spend time together. They will be very hard for me when P leaves.

In other news, my therapist is awesome and has volunteered to take me to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer when the time comes. When I mentioned going to BWW while P is gone, she also said that she would go there and to SB with me if needed. I could not be happier about her being my therapist and firmly believe that I would not be able to make it through all of this without her. If you are going through fertility challenges or deployment, I highly recommend therapy.

Now I’m off to watch the series finale of The Tudors with the best husband in the world.



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5 responses to “A Wonderful Sunburned Weekend

  1. wow sounds like an absolutely beautiful and wonderful day!! I am so freakin happy you and P are having such a great time together ❤

  2. That looks like such a great weekend. That is so awesome that your therapist said that she would go with you to those things.

  3. Sounds great! So glad you’ve been able to soak up the sun and each other. Sounds like you’re truly relishing each moment….and getting some fabulous supports in place for during deployment. Sending you a firm hug gal!

  4. I am sorry you’re going through this…it must be so hard to have your husband leave for such a long time.
    Kudos on the therapy and how awesome that you found someone so amazing!! I am rooting for you! I hope it all works out in the end! When is your ER & ET? I noticed on Twitter that you mentioned your hubby leaving for a year! Could you possibly get pregnant and have this baby before he comes home?? WOW!

  5. Love these pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

    So glad you guys have made so many happy memories lately!

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