Decision made…..

*edited 2010 JULY 23
I made this private for a bit because P had a freak out and said that we couldn’t do it. Said that we couldn’t afford it and that he worried about SIL finding us and trying to steal the kids back. He then said that he needed a few days to think about it. He thought, we talked and we talked to MIL who promised (we’ll see if it happens) to help us with money if needed. He came to his senses and we are now actively trying to get custody of both children 🙂 I’ll be calling CPS over the weekend to leave a message to expedite things. I’m trying to be realistic-I know that things might fall through and we might not get the kids but the old CPS worker in me is optimistic 🙂

Yesterday I told SIL that we will adopt her 2 children and tomorrow I’ll be calling CPS to get started on what is hopefully a smooth process. I am excited and scared and nervous. We are ready to be parents, no doubt about that. I’m scared that something will happen to mess it all up. Before S (SIL’s 2 yr old) was 1 year old, SIL wanted us to take her. We started making plans, friends secretly planned a shower then it all fell through. I know this time is different because CPS is involved but I am still scared. I’ve been thinking about how to arrange their room (they’ll share the room right next to us) but I won’t start buying anything until I know that this is 100% happening. According to what the caseworker said last week, it might take 6 months for all of this to go through and be finalized. That’s a long time but it also gives me time to get prepared. I say “me” and not “we” because P will be over in the big sandbox during most of this process.

When we first started TTC, I prayed every month to get pregnant. A year or so ago I changed that prayer to us becoming parents. This seems to be the answer to that prayer. We will still be going through IVF and will hopefully I will get to do it before S and D (by the way, we will be changing their first names and their middle names will be SIL’s last name) get here. So yes, hopefully in about 6 months or so we will be the parents of 2 toddlers, 6 furbabies (yes, we ARE keeping all of them-I hate when people suggest that having skin kids means we have to give up or furkids) and a bun or 2 in the oven. Sound crazy? Yeah, it might but I have amazing friends here and I am confident that we can do this.

This is going to be an amazing adventure and I know that we’ll have some work to do with S. I am so excited to be a mommy and even more excited for P to be a daddy. Any prayers and good thoughts that you can send our way would be awesome 🙂



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22 responses to “Decision made…..

  1. Wifey

    So excited for you!

    Can I ask why you are changing their first names, though?

  2. liberalgranolagirl

    The girl has a….um…..stripper name and the boy has a name that most people associate with evil. They are Hispanic so we are going to give them Hispanic first names, the same way that we will give our bio kids Irish first names.

  3. I am so incredibly proud of you. I know this decision didn’t come lightly but you took charge of the situation. You both are going to be wonderful parents and you all deserve this so much.

    *Big big hugs*

  4. Wifey

    Oh my gosh… those poor children. I am pretty sure I know what the boy’s name is.

  5. thefertilityblogs

    Best wishes to you! What an awesomely exciting adventure you are taking on. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for everyone 🙂

  6. Wifey

    Oh but a thought… at nearly three years old, the girl might be old enough to “choose” her own name. Could you find two that you absolutely love (and wouldn’t care if it was either one) and let her “choose”?

  7. Sounds like a great plan to me! 🙂 I think we’re so used to people calling us crazy that when they don’t, we’re shocked. LOL! I’m so happy for you…you are going to be a fantastic mom!

  8. Congratulations! Wow is your life ever going to be changing!! (For the better).

  9. Good luck to you!! I know you didn’t take this decision lightly and I hope it works out for you all. These kids will be in great hands 🙂

  10. Nikke

    Congrats on all the changes!
    I wish you luck with the children and your IVF process.
    It’s a great thing you are doing for the kids!

  11. MamaTrish

    I was gone for the past several days so just caught up. WOW! God works in mysterious ways! I think what you are doing to save these kiddos is awesome! I’m glad you are not even thinking about getting rid of the furbabies! As for letting a 3 yr old choose her new name I have mixed feelings. When my older daughter was 3 she heard a relative speaking and then DEMANDED we call her “Rosy Red” (as in rosy red ass) for a few months! We think she thought it was a name like Strawberry Shortcake. Had a lot of strange looks in places like the commissary, playground, etc. …..One last thing, offers free counseling – I think it’s 6 or 8 sessions and they can be telephonic or they find a counselor in your area and it’s all anonymous. They have a lot of other good resources available AND everything is free.

    • Wifey

      LOL, that’s why I said it might be good for her to choose two names that SHE really likes then let the little girl decide between the two.

  12. Hey gal–I am so excited for you four and will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. Would they be leaving the kids in their current home until closer to an adoption finalization or will they start transitioning the kids sooner? The furbabes will have two new lil people to love on them! 🙂 Keep me posted as the kids transition so I can get a lil something sent your way. 🙂 I am so glad that this is happening when you have more resources available to you as well. Much easier to outfit a room for kids and get them tapped into services based on your current location than here. Sending you a big hug!

  13. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and I hope you know what an amazing, wonderful thing you are doing for these children and your family. Best of luck with everything ahead. 🙂

  14. This is such an amazing thing that you are doing. Congratulations and I too hope it is a smooth process. Good luck to you with everything that is coming your way. *HUGS*

  15. Hey Granola Girl
    that is wonderful… I’m glad everything is working out for you and good luck…

  16. Alabamaprincess

    I think you are amazing and I am praying all goes well for you and P. I know you can do this and it will all fall into place!

  17. I’m so glad you were able to make a decision that put your mind at ease! Wonderful! (I’m @josephinejulia)

  18. Congrats! That is so awesome what your doing!

  19. AL

    So excited for you! I hope the adoption process goes smoothly!

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