I Am Loved

P has left for a year-ish. He will be overseas fighting in this MF’ing war. I am so proud of him and what he does for a living but this will damn sure be the most difficult year of my life so far. I love that man and cannot wait to kiss him again. He’s texted and called all day to check on me. He’s going to war yet he’s checking on ME who is sitting at home in my comfy house. *sigh* The bestest man, for real.

Through my Twitter, FB, Army wife message board, deployment blog (if you want that link, email me at TTC_Queen@yahoo.com) and cell phone, I have felt tremendous love and support today. Not that I haven’t felt the support before, I have, but today it was amazing. When I was blubbering in the wee hours hours of the morning, my Twitter friends (from across the world) wrapped their virtual arms around me in love. My all time BFF texted with me from Chicago until she could no longer stay awake. I got loving text messages from Twitter friends and local Army wife friends, all letting me know that I was loved and that I can do this. My BFF here more than forgave me for skipping out on Zumba (I didn’t fall asleep until after sunrise) and her cooking me breakfast. My FB friends have left the most amazing supportive messages and wall postings. My Army wife message board friends have been amazing. I’ve gotten emails and texts from my family all day.

The only way that I am coping as well as I am is because of my family and friends and their love. I’ve managed to shower, go to WalMart, eat and clean some of the house today. I haven’t spent the entire day in tears. I’ve thought about all the goals I can achieve while he’s gone (not that I couldn’t achieve them with him here, but I need to focus on the positive). I’ve laughed. I’ve cried at the love I’ve received. I’ve been supremely touched that people that I’ve never met in real life care so much about me, about P and about all the troops that are deployed. As an Army wife it seriously makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.



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10 responses to “I Am Loved

  1. sending you more love.. hugs ()

  2. You are so loved! ❤ I'll be thinking of and praying for P over these next 12 months. And of course, whatever you need, we'll all be here for you.

  3. Thinking of you today and sending P good luck.

  4. I truly love and admire you. I am always here…just a text away!

  5. What a journey this will be for both of you! I can’t even begin to put myself in either of your shoes…I think you are both so brave! Sending you & P love & hugs!!!

  6. sadly many of us have walked in your shoes and are here for you! xo

  7. Beautiful post. Praying for a safe return for P, and thanking him for all he does for us all.

    Hang in there – like you said, you are loved, and even though this will be a hard year, you will accomplish a lot, and hopefully be hugely preggo when he returns!!!

  8. You are loved!!!! xoxoxox

  9. Gwen

    Just found your blog and this was the first post I’ve read! Been there, done that, heading into our 7th time. You can do it!
    Side note, love knowing that all of us Army wives aren’t gung ho FRG Pres wannabes. Been in this life for 9.5 years and love finding spouses like you!

  10. hi, im lisa and i just kinda stumbled across you on twitter which i joined the other day.

    my husband just left for iraq last sunday, and as luck would have it, im a ttc girl too. with a loooonng convoluted story. but aren’t they all?

    anyway i want to wish you well with the saline sonogram and the mthfr test! ill be following along, and im leleisme on twitter but i rarely have anything to say 🙂

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