Getting the ball rolling

Next week I have my first pre-IVF test, a saline sonogram. I am excited and of course nervous. This whole TTC break that we’ve been on for 4 months has been kind of nice-no dates with Wandy, no pee sticks, no blood tests-but it’s time to get back on the horse again.

If all goes as planned I’ll have the saline sonogram next week, a trial embryo transfer the next week, consultations in November and then IVF with ICSI in December. By waiting until December, we are assured that P will be back for the birth (still thinking positively). I’m nervous as hell about going through this without him being here as an emotional support but damn it, I’m ready to be pregnant!

Wonderfully, P is very positive in all of this and continues to encourage and support me all that he can from over there. Things are stressful for me right now-adjusting to deployment, trying to adopt SIL’s kids, working full time, etc-but he’s definitely doing whatever he can to help.

Speaking of adopting SIL’s kids, things are at a stand still at the moment. The caseworker should be coming back from medical leave this week so I hope to hear back from her as far as what the plan is. SIL has been calling and texting a lot…she’s still not stable and is quite paranoid. Court is next week so I am hoping for some anwers at least by then.

Apparently I am behind on blogging-I need to write at least 2 for Living The Army Life before the end of the day and I am going to write a little more upbeat one for my deployment blog when I get home later tonight. Maybe one day I can actually make a living from blogging and giving advice through the Interwebz.



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5 responses to “Getting the ball rolling

  1. It’s exciting to be moving forward at least, and how wonderful that P will be home for the birth!!

  2. It’s wonderful to get the ball rolling again. We’re all here for you for support and encouragement.

  3. Hey Granola girl
    I would also love to make a living blogging. (Check out my blog here:

    Anyway I am holding thumbs for you and the IVF and good luck with SIL kids.

    All the best!

  4. I am so friggin excited for you!!!! I SO wish we lived closer so that I could go to your appointments with you.

    I will have my saline sonogram coming up soon too. I think Dr. Miracles said I will have it done shortly after sis starts her period.

    Big big *hugs*

  5. Casey

    Sending you lots of light your way and to P of course too. I am getting back on the horse again myself. Will be thinking about you guys! Thank you for shairng your story.

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