And the hits just keep coming

I’m having to type this on my iPhone since my keyboard is currently freaking out. If you follow me on Twitter then you know this, but I know that not everyone follows me (shocker, I know).

I’ll be having a saline sonogram this week (Thursday) as well as a fasting glucose and an additional fasting test to determine if I have MTHFR or not. Two of my labs from the IVF clinic came back abnormal-elevated glucose and an MTHFR gene mutation. The high glucose concerns me because I have 2 extended relatives who have developed Type 2 diabetes. If I have MTHFR then I’ll be on a ton of folic acid (the mutation inhibits that) and my risk of miscarriage will increase.

I know that both are treatable but with P being deployed, trying to adopt my SIL’s kids and thinking about going through IVF on my own, it’s just all a bit much. Any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated ❤



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8 responses to “And the hits just keep coming

  1. I have MTHFR, and it’s apparently very common. I do twice daily FABB tablets, for the folic acid and b vitamins, and I was on Heparin post-IVF last time (Lovenox post-IVF this time) to manage the clotting risk. So it means another shot, but doesn’t seem to worry any of my doctors, so I haven’t stressed about it at all.

    *hugs* Good luck with the saline sonogram and the tests — hoping everything looks good in there!

  2. hey there – how frustrating with your keyboard being out of action!
    I’m holding thumbs for you that all your glucose levels are just great!
    best wishes

  3. Oh girl .. what a plate full you have. I’m here for you .. always!


  4. Ah man, I am so sorry, this is beyond suckage. You are due some good news

  5. Ugh, that sucks – hang in there – hopefully you’ll get good news!! Thinking of you. ((HUGS))

  6. Geez, you can’t catch a break! I’m so sorry about all these tests… hopefully it will bring good results. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and crossing my fingers that things go well.

  7. liberalgranolagirl

    Thanks y’all ❤ The support means so much!

  8. Sending you prayers and lots of good thoughts!

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