Dreams, plans and who I am….

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and what I want for P, me and for our future children. Some of this has been brought on by the past few weeks of seeing and hearing all this hate towards Muslims on the media and on social networks. Some of it has been brewing in my head and heart for a while.

If you’re read my About Me page then you know that I am liberal, very liberal. I was not always liberal. I grew up very conservative, in a very conservative household. At some point I realized that I was not being true to myself and my heart. Over the years, I have definitely found myself and figured out my values. I want to pass those values on to my children and to others.

I want to raise our children to be accepting of others. I want them to know the world and people from other religions and cultures. I want them to love other people and accept other people, even when those people are vastly different from them. I want them to see the world as a place to explore, learn and love. I want them to make determinations about people based on people’s actions, not on their race, religion, appearance, etc.

I’ve been thinking lately about making a career change. I have felt a pull toward the non-profit sector and/or education. I’ve started looking into opening an in home daycare/preschool. I love children and have always loved working with children. I want to teach them about the things that I value and love while educating them and preparing them for school. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to turn them into little autobots who are exactly like me. I want them to learn how to think for themselves. I want them to be able to find themselves at a younger age than I did. I want to encourage them to find their own interests and loves.

I want to make the world a better, gentler, more accepting place, one child at a time.



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4 responses to “Dreams, plans and who I am….

  1. I’m not sure what I would call myself. In a way I guess I’m a liberal because I will listen to any point of view and test it against my own no matter how left or right it is.

  2. Hey Gronola Girl
    Good for you. I am a teacher and it is one way to have children in your life if you don’t have any!! It is rewarding but also I get frustrated with myself at times for making stupid mistakes – on Friday this kid hurt his arm and now it turns out he has to go for an op for his wrist – I should have picked up it was more serious.. maybe God just needs to keep teaching me the same lessons until I get it!!
    Anyway good luck with your dreams and plans. I hope you find a way to make it real.
    lots of love

  3. I think you’d be an AWESOME teacher. Seriously. Go for it.

    I think a lot about the values I want to instill in my kids too, like compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and charity. I want them to be aware and advocate against things like racism and gender inequality and discrimination against GLBT.

    I’m so glad we’ve got folks like you out there, helping to bring kids into the new age!

  4. I’m a week behind on blog reading, but i had to comment! I went from conservative to really liberal in just a few years… I just had to start paying attention. It’s great that you’re thinking about a career change. We’ll change the world one person at a time! (I’m not an educator; I’m a lawyer. But I do my best to improve tolerance.)

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