Help, pretty please

Ok, friends in cyberspace I need some help. With any luck we will be getting SIL’s kids before the new year *happy dance* Although we are super pumped and excited, I have no idea what to get them (other than beds, carseats, food). Seriously, I am well versed in what to get in preparation for a newborn arrival but so clueless when it comes to what to get 2 toddlers.

So here’s the deal, I need help. I need for you to post comments as to what a 2.5 yr old girl and 1 yr old boy would need, other than necessities. I am looking for ideas as far as toys, books, etc. Also, any brand/type recommendations that you have as far as carseats and other necessities are welcome 🙂 And please, pass this on to friends who could help us.

Thank you so much cyberspace friends-I know that you’ll come through for us 🙂



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11 responses to “Help, pretty please

  1. Jen

    Hugs, kisses, and Cheerios. Yayayyayay!!!!!!

  2. Good luck! So exciting! And scary.

    When my nieces/nephew were that age I found it very difficult to find interesting toys for them. There’s not much between 12 months and 3 years – except plush toys. It’s all baby toys and things with small parts. Maybe some of the big blocks or large legos would be good.

    As for books, I don’t have specific recommendations but picture books (definitely hard or plastic cover for the little one) should work well. Most book stores have a dedicated section of picture books. And don’t forget the library – there’s an endless supply of free books!

    The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to stock up on toys & books before they come. Just get a few things for them and then see what they like before you get more. And don’t forget – little kids can be like pets too: you buy all these great toys and they just play with the box it came in. 😉

  3. I’m working on an email to you now! Have fun shopping!!!! 😀

  4. mrscoffeejunkie

    I am so happy for you, Becca ❤ I haven't stopped sending prayers up!

    Make sure to get Sippy cups. I've always preferred the ones from Playtex. Kid friendly plates/bowls/silverware.

    Mega blocks (like giant lego's), My boys LOVE matchbox cars and trucks (Cj's almost 18 months old and has played with them for months), my boys also really like the Bearinstein Bear books and Dr Suess books, also books about animals. Wyatt's been able to go through the book and point out animals to me for over a year now. My boys love Disney movies and Veggie Tales, but we get those on Netflix. Toys for outside (even though it will be winter, just giving an idea). The boys love their play laptop (they have a bilingual one) and their toy kitchen. Those are the things they play with the most. I'm sure a girl would love a few baby dolls and accessories to go along with them. Maybe some dress up things as well.

    Please, if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help!

  5. Yeahhh!! So excited for you!! I wish I had some insight to share! I’m just so pleased for you & P.

  6. Congratulations!!

    I don’t have a toddler so I can’t help too much. I would suggest a child-size table and chairs for colouring and crafts.

    As for toys, hit the garage sales. You can find some great used toys (Fisher Price, etc) at great prices.

  7. Cynthia (therealcyn)

    I’m so thrilled for you! Learning toys and books are great. You’ll also need some babyproofing items, for cabinets where you don’t want them to get into. Carseats, single or double stroller, sippy cups, kid plates and utensils, clothes of course.
    I’ll contact you later to get your address. I definitely have some books I can send you. I have some safety proofing items too. I just have to go through some boxes to see.

    🙂 so happy for you!

  8. liz

    I have a 22 month year old girl:

    *I use Britax Convertible Car seats- I chose convertible because it can grow with the kid from baby to a high weight limit and for safety features. They are expensive but right now there are good sales on them since it is closeout season.

    *Sippy Cups- Try to get the same brand. We had a ton of different kinds and it was so annoying trying to figure out which parts (straws, rubber stuff) went to which.

    *Books- Go the library and check out an assortment. Free AND you get to see what will engages them the most. My daughter loves books with animals too.

    *She is very into coloring and drawing with chalk. I recently bought an easel at costco for this. She loves it.

    *I got her a kid tool set. She LOVES it and drills every day ha ha. She uses it on a house we made out of a cardboard box. Simple, free and she has lots of fun playing with it.

    *I do netflix too and we watch stuff on there, mostly stuff that airs on PBS like Caillou, Sesame Street, etc. Anything with music rocks her world. LOL

    *She loves going to the park. Since it will be winter when you get them, maybe you can take them to one of those indoor bouncy park things. We did this with her and her infant cousins (and a teenager). We ALL had fun playing on all the stuff.

    *Are they still in diapers? Amazon is doing an amazon mom prime deal that is most excellent. I just enrolled and am saving a bundle on diapers and they get delivered within two days.

    *Target and my local grocery store Publix mail me coupons because I joined their baby clubs (free). Sign up to get free coupons if you want to save money. My grocery store one is really really great with lots of free stuff or discounts on adult stuff too. 🙂

    *I used to think I wanted a high chair when I had a baby, but then I bought the Fisher Price Booster high seat. It attaches to a regular chair, is compact, has a tray and adjusts in height. MUCH cheaper, much easier to travel with, and easy to store. I am so glad I went that route instead of a traditional high chair.

    *She LOVES bath time. Bubble bath and whatever rubbery bath toys you toss in there are always enthusiastically appreciated.

    Just some ideas that hopefully spark some of your own! Good luck and congrats!

  9. That’s wonderful, Becca, I am so happy for you! Congratulations! What happened that turned things around in this situation, or did you just get a call “you can have them now?!” Weird the way they messed you around..
    I don’t know much about toys etc but the kids in the toddler class in our school just love big stuff (building towers, threading, pouring.) oh yes and they love the sandpit. We even have a kid that eats sand! lol! And those little scooters that you roll around on.
    Wishing you all the best..
    love and hugs

  10. Brittanny

    Make sure to get plastic mattress covers to go under the sheets. When there is an accident you can just wipe off the plastic cover instead of having to clean the mattress.

  11. Found you through a Busted Kate RT! 🙂 Good luck with your new babies! Most importantly just go with it. It will be fine!

    My daughter is 25 months old. She likes the large Lego block things, ABC blocks (mostly to knock down), her toy shopping cart, and her “babies” (9 zillion stuffed animals and dolls). We also gave her a random assortment of plastic dishes & spoons that we bought at the dollar store and she loves “cookin”.

    She enjoys watching Sesame Street, PBS, and PBS Sprout when we watch TV. She ADORES books of all kinds. We usually have a small selection of board books that she can’t tear up as easily. We also have a selection of read aloud picture books that she can choose for us to read to her, but they’re not where she can get them (because she likes to rip pages out of books). We read a story every night before bedtime.

    She also loves her wagon and trike for going to the park. We even go in the winter if it isn’t too cold.

    We have this car seat by Evenflo & I LOVE it. She’s comfortable in it, it was mid price range & it’s safe.

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