Meatless Monday

With P being gone (read this blog for that story for the next year), I’ve been slacking on cooking and eating real food. I am trying to get better about that so I will actually be cooking *gasp* supper tonight.

Tonight’s Meatless Monday supper will be cocktail shrimp, hushpuppies (the cooking part), steamed veggies and maybe a few fries. I haven’t made hushpuppies in MONTHS but I am craving them today.

So, yeah….there is my simple boring Meatless Monday :-p Maybe next week I’ll have an interesting tasty recipe. But for the record, I heart shrimp and hushpuppies-it reminds me of our time back in Savannah, GA 🙂



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4 responses to “Meatless Monday

  1. So I finally found your blog! I thought it was blogspot for some reason. In any event, dinner sounds great! I just need an address please lol! Also, love the new blogging venture regarding dogs. Such a great idea and much needed in this world. Thanks on behalf of myself and our 4 fur-babies!

  2. That sounds yummy. I love hush puppies. They have them in the cafeteria where I work on fridays.

  3. Yum!! I love hushpuppies, but haven’t had them forever.

  4. Hi! Hi! Hi!

    I’ve finally returned to blogging (in a limited capacity) and I am so happy to catch up with you! I’ve read everything I’ve missed from June til now…what exciting news about your SIL’s kids. I will send all the good energy in the world your way that both the adoption and the IVF are a huge success!


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