Dear Anonymous,

I know that your IP address is in Leesville, LA so I assume that I know you from Ft. Polk. Identify yourself and I will publish your comments on here. They went to my SPAM comments rather than my real comments so you’re lucky that I bothered to read them. BTW-as a rule, I don’t publish comments from folks who don’t have the courage to put their names on their comments.

I truly have no idea who are and if you knew me on FB or Twitter, you’d know that my husband has been home on R&R so I haven’t been bothering to blog or check my blog….I had more important things to do 😉



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2 responses to “Dear Anonymous,

  1. Tanya

    I don’t think an Anonymous Coward will say who “she is”, that is the reason their name is not enough to sustain what “they commented”, in other words, they are not enough brave and smart to say who they are, any one can leave a bitchy comment, few really say who they are.

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