The countdown to IVF 1.0

Well, R&R is over (please read my deployment blog for details) and I am not miraculously pregnant. We both knew it was a long shot but I had so many good signs of ovulation…*sigh* Guess tonight I’ll finish off the beer and wine in the house to drown my sorrows.

If AF decides to stay on schedule, IVF 1.0 will happen in late January. That gives me 2 cycles to get my body in tip top shape for baby making. Between all the eating out and drinking we did over R&R, I have about 15 lbs to lose before starting the IVF medications. The clinic did not tell me to lose weight but I want to lose it because 1) I need to fit into my clothes and 2) I will put on weight with the stimulating medications. I have been a total slacker in the fitness area due to a 4 week long respiratory infection (I *hate* viruses) and then 2 weeks of having P home. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be back on track with Zumba and eating. I’ll also be back in therapy to help me deal with all the stress and anxiety caused by IVF, deployment and work.

So, to all my lovely friends out there who have done IVF-do you have any advice for me? Here’s what I’m currently planning/doing-continue with the FertilAid and FertiliTea (you can order those here); exercise, including prenatal yoga; therapy; and possibly acupuncture. With our IUIs the only injections were Follistim and then the trigger shot. If you did others, what meds were they and did they hurt? In short, HELP PLEASE :-p



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6 responses to “The countdown to IVF 1.0

  1. fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  2. CoriePam (arielanna)

    I don’t have any advice but I have huge hugs and prayers for you! I think the therapy will help the most because with a clear and happy mind…the body can do wonderful and miraculous things! ❤

  3. I know the holidays will be tempting, but do what you can to lose the weight. I still had another 10 pounds to go at the BFP, so now I am trying to make sure I stay between 25-35 on the weight gain.

    Regarding the meds, as long as meds are subcutaneous, they hardly hurt. It is only the intramuscular stuff that is a pain!

    Regarding alcohol, moderate…you will be without it for 9 months…why make it 11?

  4. NicoleK1974

    Just be careful with your weight.
    I know you aren’t a big girl by any stretch of the imagination, and *perhaps* the 15 pound goal may be a little too much.
    I was told that getting too close to the underweight line of the BMI scale is just as bad as being in the obese category when it comes to IVF being as successful as possible.
    I’m not saying not to stay in shape and be healthy for yourself and your own sanity, just don’t go overboard and counter act the final goal of a BPF by getting “too” skinny! You look awesome just the way you are!
    Hugs and love!!
    P.S. as far as injectables goes (keeping in mind I went through it about 4 years ago and things may have changed a bit…and paid out of pocket, so they may have given me cheaper meds)…one of them (I was given 2 different ones) I think it was something like Menopril or something like that (I just remember it being really close to “menopause”) that burned…honestly…not fun at all, but the other one, can’t remember…something like renfil, wasn’t bad…
    I may have them reversed, but again it will probably depend on your particular situation and what they have you on…
    Check into getting yourself some EMLA cream! I know I would have it I had heard of it before I started the process!
    I know you will be fine and that soon you will have all you have ever wanted, no matter how it is brought into your life!

  5. Good luck girl!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    If I was you and spending so much money on this, at least give up sugar, alchohol and caffine. I agree with Nicole – be careful. I was on a 6 mo fertility diet prior to iui and I lost 7kg and was too close to the “underweight” for comfort. Next time I’ll eat more good fats – seeds, nuts, avo.
    I also had “Menopure” – yip it does remind me of the menopause! The receptionist stuck it in my side, a little sore, but ok.

    I would definitely recommend acupuncture. Wanna know why apart from fertility? hehe I got a flat stomach. I kid you not. I mean it could have been from all the dieting, but just rearanging things with all those pins on my stomach seemed to help the digestion process as well.

    And circle bloom helps. Have just stared it and it has already helped my headaches. (I used to get headaches around ovulation and my period)

    Oh well I’m sure we are all full of advice but do your own stuff what you need to do!! That’s what counts!

    Oh just curious, what yoga are you doing?

    bless you

  6. Sister took Lupron & Follistim and she said the Follistim pen was the worst injection of them all. I did the PIO injections in the bum and those just plain ol SUCK. Of course all worth it!

    I’ve heard wonderful things of acupuncture and you seem to be on the right track with everything!!!! So pumped!

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