Menu Plan and Meatless Monday, sort of

I fail miserably whenever I try to formally plan out all my meals for a week. I just cannot do it. There are nights when I just want cereal for dinner…there I said it. And cooking for one SUCKS in my opinion.

So this week, I’m going to try something a little different. Rather than spelling out what I’m going to eat every single day at every single meal, I’m going to make it simple. I WILL NOT EAT OUT THIS WEEK. That’s it. I commit to eating what I have at home (or what I buy at the grocery store) rather than eating out at all. What that will most likely translate into is cereal and fruit for breakfast, soup and or sandwich for lunch, and who knows what for dinner. It will NOT involve restaurants, fast food or delivery. I expect you people to keep my honest with this.

I will start my week with a Meatless Monday dinner. I have left over cooked veggies from making shrimp fajitas the other night (y’all know my love of all Mexican food); to those I will add black beans and maybe more veggies. I’ll put those in a tortilla topped with guacamole, hot salsa sour cream and cheese. To make it vegan you could use vegan cheese and vegan sour cream, or just leave them out. I’ll serve my veggie fajita with a side of vegetarian refried beans and brown rice.

For those who don’t have a clue about making fajitas, here’s what I did:
* I start the first 3 and let them cook while I do the veggies*
Heat about 1 Tbls of veggie oil in a large pan
Cook your rice
Heat refried beans
Rinse, drain and heat the black beans
Add sliced veggies (I used green peppers and a yellow onion; I might add red peppers the next time) and cook to your liking. I like my wilty and not really crispy
Heat a tortilla (or however many you want) in the microwave
Put the black beans and veggies in your hot tortillas (that sounds kind of dirty…I like it) and top with whatever you’d like.

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan recipe that you like? If so link it in your comments!



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2 responses to “Menu Plan and Meatless Monday, sort of

  1. Not eating out, kind of easy for me, because there is only one kosher place in town and that’s in the Jewish community centre, lol.
    I eat veg most days of the week, leaving the meat to friday nite and weekend leftovers (i make lots).
    I don’t know if i have a favorite recipe though…i think it all depends on my mood.

  2. That sounds yummy. I usually at morning star farms products. That’s the extent of my veganism. Oh I will also do eggplant like chicken parm. Yum.

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