And then there were 6

I had my egg retrieval this morning and the RE got 6 eggs. P’s swimmers looked great after thawing and the embryologist was optimistic. My friend, Brittany, took me for the ER and watched the kids….yeah, they had to come with us since we got some snow and the preschool had a late open of 8am. She took them to McD’s to play while I was there. From the time I got there until I was released was about 90 min. I do very well with the twilight anasthesia πŸ™‚

So now we wait and pray that they fertilize and that we end up with a healthy baby. I cannot thank y’all enough for all of the support through out all of this….seriously, I could not do it without y’all.



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10 responses to “And then there were 6

  1. AWEOMESAUCE!!!!! That is absofuckingfantactic news!!!! xo

  2. Oh sweet Becca – my fingers are crossed for you! I know things have been so trying with this IVF with your newest kids, the hubs being deployed, snow, and illness. I’m really praying it all pays off hon! X

  3. YAAAAY! Grow, embies, grow!

  4. That’s so WONDERFUL! πŸ™‚ yay!!!

  5. My fingers are crossed for you my friend!! ❀

  6. Yahoo!!! Thinking of your embabies and praying that they all fertilize!

  7. Go eggies go!! Go embies go!!

  8. All the best, Becca! That is great news and now they just need to do their thing. Praying for you.. hugs Heather

  9. Six eggs is awesome! Hope the all do their thing!!!

  10. I’m excited for you! I’ve followed another blogger through this whole process and she’s a mommy now so I can’t wait to follow you on this journey too. xx

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