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A hodgepodge….

I don’t care if Michael Phelps smoked pot. I heard part of his interview on Today while I was getting ready for work and I felt a bit sorry for the kid. Seriously, he’s 23 and having some fun-BACK OFF PEOPLE. Lots of 23 year olds have smoked pot and partied some-why should he be so different? Because he’s a “role model”? Yeah, f*ck that. Kids need to know that their heroes and rold models are not perfect and that it is ok to make some mistakes. Seriously, Phelps didn’t beat a woman, pull a gun on someone or have sex with a minor. He smoked a drug that many people, including myself, think should be legal. It must suck to live in the public eye.

I am thinking of taking a different route on the infertility stuff. Dr. M had mentioned that it would cost about $1000 to do an IUI here in LA (not the cool L.A.) due to TriCare not covering it. I think that $1000 might be easier to come up with versus the $6000+ to travel and do IVF at Bragg. I am doing some research today during my down time to see if I can find a reproductive endocrinologist within a few hrs who will do an IUI.

I am also looking into the Conceivex Conception Kit. We could pay out of pocket for it or we could get on the list to be in the TriCare related study and possibly get it for free. I’m not sure how P would feel about this method of conception but it is definitely the most cost effective. The only real issue is that it doesn’t help infertility due to PCOS or endometriosis but the drs can’t seem to explain why those issues are causing my problems so I figure it’s worth a shot.

I am sick of the freaking weather here in LA. Earlier this week it was yellow with pollen and we needed to run our A/C. Yesterday it was been COLD and rainy and it will be that way all weekend. Cold and rainy is not fun when you have 3 dogs that want to play outside.

Tonight is date night =) We are having dinner at the local Japanese steakhouse after work and I am excited about it. It’s one of the few restaurants here that we both like a lot. Tomorrow I will be getting my industrial piercing. Hopefully work doesn’t care. If they do I will just hide it with my hair. I am so freaking excited to get this done because I have wanted it for years!!!

Off to help soldiers now. Hopefully the rest of the day will fly by quickly.


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Our plan after tears, sleep and talk

We definitely don’t have $6000 lying around for IVF and the associated travel costs. I am keeping the consultation and we are going to try to schedule it for block leave b/c P is adament about going with me to Womack. In the mean time we are going to have sex everyday (yes, everyday) and I am going to talk to the dr about getting back on Femara since it is safe for long term use. I may or may not do OPKs. . . P has left that up to me. I also plan to talk to the dr about the differences in Walter Reed and Womack since WR seems to be the best of the best for IVF in the military. If I can get on there then I really want to do it.

Financially we really need to pay off our debt, esp our credit card debt. We currently have 5 CC (down from 9) and we have plans to pay off 2 of them within 3 months with tax returns and money from my new job. Rather than completely focusing on paying off the remaining 3 CC, we are going to divide the money 50/50 between CC debt and IVF savings. If we can put $500/months towards both then we can have the 6k in one yr. We also plan to ask family members for monetary gifts only for holidays so that we can put it toward our dream of having children.

I am currently trying to figure out additional ways to fund this and so far my Facebook (and some ArmyWifeChat friends) have come up with a zombie porno bake sale, garage sales and traditional bake sales. Anyone have any other ideas? I have found a grant but it seems to be for people with zero insurance coverage and we have TriCare.

We are trying to be positive about all of this since according to the dr and all my tests, we really should be able to get pregnant on our own. I plan to delve into reading more about all natural ways to boost pregnancy and to finally watch that Conceivex DVD that came in the mail. If we could do this naturally it would be amazing and awesome.


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