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I am not normal….

when it comes to decorating. At least I don’t think that I am a normal almost 34 year old woman (ugh, that word sounds so old to me) when it comes to decorating. I do not like typical traditional decorating. Not to say that it’s ugly but it’s not my thing. I am drawn to wall tapestries involving tie dye and unique patterns. Sometimes I feel like my decorating style is more like a college student than a 30-something gal (like that word better than woman). I look at blogs like this and I love it (especially the nursery-she has really inspired me in that department) but some how, it’s not me. I prefer wall decorations like this and this more than traditional type wall decor. And rugs, don’t get me started on rugs. I cannot stand the ones that I have seen in most stores. I love this small rug and think that I am going to order it for the half bath downstairs. And I want 2 of this rug to put in the den area. Really, I could completely furnish our home with stuff from Urban Outfitters and CB2.

*Sigh* I really need help in the decorating department. I need to be able to afford to have an interior designed to make all my dreams come true. I can find inspiration and things that I like, but I need someone to help me put it all together. I already drew some inspiration from the blog above. I love the colors in her mater bedroom and bathroom. I have a dark brown shower curtain so adding green accessories *should* be easy. I have a white duvet (need to get a new comforter to go in it-the old one shows through the white so it doesn’t look white) and brown pillow shams. I love the blue in her master bedroom so I just need to find some accessories in that shade of blue. As for the half bath downstairs, that rug from UO is a nice shade of yellow so I need to find a towel and accessories to compliment that-any ideas?

The living are is a real issue because we don’t agree on anything. Right now we have an Army Ranger flag hanging in there….yeah, I did that because I love him. I seriously want that map tapestry and the moustache tree decal in that area. Must convince P, though. In fact, there are so many things at UO that I want on the walls.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the dining room. We currently have no dining furniture because we cannot agree on what to get. I want bar height and P wants a traditional Japanese dining table with floor chairs….with 4 dogs…..yeah…..not sure about that one.

So, where do YOU get inspiration for decorating? What is your decorating style? Do you have any ideas for me?



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Obsessing about other things….

First of all, I’m exercising again and you can follow me here. I am once again on the P90X kick adn this time I am sticking to it! I’m also keeping up with the healthy eating which I must say, I am quite proud of 🙂

Ok, now on to the REAL obsessing. I. Must. Have. This. Bedroom. Like. Now.
Dream room

I plan to start buying the bedding now in parts. Shams and sheets (these will be bought somewhere cheaper than West Elm) this month, duvet next month, pillows the next month. The best part is that almost every color goes with chocolate brown so I can switch out pillows when I feel like changing up the room a bit.

Ok, I lied. The ABSOLUTE best part is that I have found out that I can make, yes make, the headboard for a FRACTION of what West Elm wants for their headboard. I Googled and found a few bloggerss that actually made this type of headboard on their own but I really like this one because she seems as detailed oriented as I am. Seriously, get on her blog and look at how straight those nailheads are! I’m in love.

After trolling various blogs today, I am even more stoked about buying a home and decorating on our own. I love this blog for general decorating, especially the kitchen! Plus they have a pit bull, on of the best breeds ever 🙂 Take a look at her blog, especially at the home tour. I just looked at it for the 5th time today….LOVE IT.

So yes, I am capable of obsessing about things other than infertility and TTC :-p I’ve now moved on to obsessing about how to decorate a house that I don’t yet have, but I’m SURE that I will have. And I make no apologies for it.

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