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Help, pretty please

Ok, friends in cyberspace I need some help. With any luck we will be getting SIL’s kids before the new year *happy dance* Although we are super pumped and excited, I have no idea what to get them (other than beds, carseats, food). Seriously, I am well versed in what to get in preparation for a newborn arrival but so clueless when it comes to what to get 2 toddlers.

So here’s the deal, I need help. I need for you to post comments as to what a 2.5 yr old girl and 1 yr old boy would need, other than necessities. I am looking for ideas as far as toys, books, etc. Also, any brand/type recommendations that you have as far as carseats and other necessities are welcome 🙂 And please, pass this on to friends who could help us.

Thank you so much cyberspace friends-I know that you’ll come through for us 🙂



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If it’s not one thing it’s another…

IUI #2 happened this morning so now we are in the 2ww. This cycle has been completely different from the first one and today we were dealt another roadblock. In washing P’s sample the dr found white blood cells…A LOT…like too many to count. What this means is that P has a prostate/urinary tract infection. The dr prescribed Cirpo twice daily for 28 days. Hopefully it clears up the infection quickly. What it means for the IUI is that we the cells decrease the chances of getting pregnant. We went ahead with the IUI because even if the chances are decreased, we STILL have a chance. We are still being hopeful but if I get a BFN again this time I won’t be quite as shocked.

I am also cramping a shit ton. As soon as the dr put the catheter in and deposited the sample I started cramping. It’s been 3.5 hours and it hasn’t stopped. I had planned to clean the upstairs-at least vacuum and clean the tub-but that’s not happening, at least not right now. Currently I am relaxing with P, watching TV and watching our dogs play. I guess that my orange size ovaries are not amused with the introduction of white blood cells and sperm. Time to take some Tylenol, drink fluids, rest and start the waiting game.

Oh yeah, and for those that don’t know my mentally unstable SIL has been told that she’s carrying a son and she doesn’t want him. She’s due in December and has another u/s next week. If she is indeed having a son and 100% doesn’t want him then we’ll adopt him. Yeah, this is the same SIL that tried to give us her then 10 month old daughter a few months ago, only to change her mind. Life is so not fair.

ETA-I just went back and re-read my post. Wow, I sound really negative. I promise that I’m not-I actually have been in a good mood today except for the cramping. I’m not stressing about the SIL situation. Either we adopt the baby or she decides to keep him. Either way, I have zero control over it so there’s no need to stress about it 🙂 Now if I could only decide what to do for dinner….


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