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IVF 1.0 starts TOMORROW!!!!

To my male readers who do not want to read about bodily fluids unique to females, too bad 😀

So remember how I met with Nurse Awesome (that’s her new nickname, I’ve decided) in October and we figured out that if AF stayed regular, we’d have to push IVF to the end of January? (The reason for that is because the embryologists have down time around the end of Dec for the holiday season.) Well, AF was late last month (which was incredibly frustrating for me since there was no way I was with child) and she was right on time this month (incredibly heartbreaking since it was our last natural TTC cycle). So I called Nurse Awesome to let her know that CD1 was yesterday since they want to keep track of that before IVF. She called back and left a message about calling in birth control for the next 2 cycles for a January IVF. I called back, left a message and said “that’s fine” and told her what pharmacy I use. Then she called back with fan-freaking-tastic news 🙂

She double checked the calendar and realized that if I start bc tomorrow, and continue taking active ones through December 24th WE CAN START STIMS ON THE 26TH!!!!! This is a whole month ahead of schedule which is freaking amazing and it’s the original time that P and I decided that we wanted to do it. I am excited and nervous and full of HOPE that this will work for us.

So I now have roughly 4 weeks to get in the best shape possible-I CAN SO DO THIS. Tonight I am having my last bottle of wine for what I hope is a very long time 😉 Tomorrow I will be heading to the studio for Zumba and TRX, which will continue until the doctor says I need to slow down. Tomorrow I will also be getting my bc pills, Metformin refill, Folgard refill and Prenatal refill. Oh, and I’ll be setting a therapy appointment tomorrow!

For real, I am stoked for this. I really am. I am determined to remain hopeful and optimistic through this process. We WILL be parents ❤



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The countdown to IVF 1.0

Well, R&R is over (please read my deployment blog for details) and I am not miraculously pregnant. We both knew it was a long shot but I had so many good signs of ovulation…*sigh* Guess tonight I’ll finish off the beer and wine in the house to drown my sorrows.

If AF decides to stay on schedule, IVF 1.0 will happen in late January. That gives me 2 cycles to get my body in tip top shape for baby making. Between all the eating out and drinking we did over R&R, I have about 15 lbs to lose before starting the IVF medications. The clinic did not tell me to lose weight but I want to lose it because 1) I need to fit into my clothes and 2) I will put on weight with the stimulating medications. I have been a total slacker in the fitness area due to a 4 week long respiratory infection (I *hate* viruses) and then 2 weeks of having P home. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be back on track with Zumba and eating. I’ll also be back in therapy to help me deal with all the stress and anxiety caused by IVF, deployment and work.

So, to all my lovely friends out there who have done IVF-do you have any advice for me? Here’s what I’m currently planning/doing-continue with the FertilAid and FertiliTea (you can order those here); exercise, including prenatal yoga; therapy; and possibly acupuncture. With our IUIs the only injections were Follistim and then the trigger shot. If you did others, what meds were they and did they hurt? In short, HELP PLEASE :-p


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It’s All Really Happening

We had an IVF consultation today with Dr. G from CCRM. Seriously love this RE. He was full of smiles, information and laughed at my husband’s twisted sense of humor. He and the nurse also wrote out notes for us so that I didn’t have to take my own notes 🙂 So here is what it going to happen in the monitoring cycle:
-Call the office on CD1 to schedule testing.
-CD2 or 3, have tests for the following levels: estradiol, FSH, LH and AMH
-Between CD5 and 13 I’ll have the following tests: baseline u/s (resting follicle count and looking for any abnormalities), hysteroscopy, dopplers (to check the blood flow to my uterus; no caffeine for 72 hrs prior); more blood work; meet with RE and IVF nurse to discuss the protocol for me (already told me that I can use my left over Follistim).
-Also, I’ll need to have a pap smear, annual exam (with breast exam), CBC, TSH, rubella, varicella and blood typing done locally. Yeah, I need to find an OB/GYN like tomorrow.
-P will having a repeat SA, including a check for antisperm antibodies and a culture. He will also be freezing his swimmers on 2 other occasions.
-I also have to be tested for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular dystrophy.

After the monitoring cycle it’s GAME ON! I’ll stim for 9-14 days and undergo monitoring during that time (like I’ll be driving to Denver every 1-3 days). Next will be the egg retrieval and ICSI with P’s frozen swimmers (he’ll be in the sandbox). We will be doing a Day 5 transfer and we will be transferring 2 and then freezing the rest (yes, I am being optimistic that we will have several good embies). They use a “flash freeze” (my words, not his-can’t remember exactly what he said) which improves the FET pregnancy rate (NOT live birth rate) to 70%, which is the same pregnancy chance we’ll have with the fresh IVF cycle. By transferring 2 on Day 5, we’ll have a 70% chance of pregnancy and a 30-40% chance of twins (YES!)

Now, for the things that I can’t do once I start stimming 😦 No caffeine, alcohol, smoking (I’m only occasional now), high impact aerobics (no running-only walking and have to modify Zumba. I also have to cut out the protein powder (since it’s not regulated) and of course keep taking the prenatals. P also has to quit the supplements, nicotine and alcohol before he does his part.

One of the reasons that I really like Dr. G is that he was optimistic but realistic and spelled out all the risks involved to me and baby(ies). He didn’t promise a miracle but said that based on all of our records we have a good chance of getting pregnant with IVF. I feel much more optimistic and relaxed now. I am actually excited about doing IVF, even if I’ll be doing it while P is away. Now just have to find some friends to accompany me to and from the egg transfer and actual IVF procedure.


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Try, try again

I’m gonna make this short because I am going to hop in the shower and brave the snow to buy Starbucks, a new book and perhaps some wine. Took a pregnancy test this AM, 16dpiui, and it was negative. So far I’ve been okay but I’m sure that will change. I’m at my parents’ house and get to see them and my brothers so my mind is being occupied.

More later 🙂


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