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A blog a day…..

might keep me sane. I’ve decided to attempt to blog everyday that work since it’s the only place that I have computer access right now. Maybe this will save me from insanity.

I had a soldier yesterday actually try to convince me that Louisiana has pretty beaches about 90 minutes south of here. Ummm, no they are NOT pretty and in fact most of them have been destroyed by hurricanes. Sand+water does not= a beach. Whatever, he is also one of the ones that wants to stay here when he gets out of the Army in a few weeks. You couldn’t pay me to stay here if P wasn’t stationed here.

Yesterday I got me medical records from the on post doctor so that I would be all prepared for our first visit with the RE later this month. Looking through them and seeing in black and white what’s wrong with me made me teary eyed. It made everything even more real. I’m fine now and was fine by the time I got home, it was just another one of those things.

I am so tired of MJ stuff that I could vomit. I feel so awful for his children. Even if he was a kook, he shielded those kids fromthe media and now they have no one to do that for them. Hopefully the media will leave them alone and let them grow up in peace.

I’ve been the manager in charge while my manager has been gone and a higher up actually complimented me on a job well done. It feels so good to get a pat on the back. Have I mentioned that I love my job? It’s the only thing that I love about this place.

Two weeks from yesterdya and we will be meeting with our RE for the first time. I am so freaking nervous. I am sure that he will not be happy that I haven’t been charting my temps but when I tried to do it I consistently forgot and then my other drs told me that I didn’t need to chart my temps but just needed to take OPKs. Have I mentioned that I have POAS? Seriously, I am so tired of it but I have a feeling that I will be doign a lot more of it in the coming months. POAS and having needles in me…..oh the things we do to reproduce.

Ok, off to prepare for a briefing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that P and I have to attend a mandatory FRG (family readiness group) meeting tonight. What’s it going to be about you ask? I have no fucking clue. It’s also going to be at 6pm so they will get to see us all nasty sweaty and HUNGRY after a workout. This unit doesn’t even deploy so I have to understand why there are ever mandatory FRG meetings. Just another waste of my time….


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Wait, I USED to have a flat tummy….

So the other day I found a couple of old pics of me from when we lived in Savannah. I’m not posting them b/c they are risque and my brothers read this blog. Not to mention that I’m sure P wouldn’t want me posting htme here. Anyway, I had a flat tummy back then and I had totally forgotten that fact. Now I definitely do not have a flat tummy. In fact, I have gained about 12 lbs in the past few months. I am up to 142 which is 8 lbs away from my personal fat weight. Now I know that some of you reading this will probably be rolling your eyes at my weight and thinking that I am a delusional bitch for thinking that I need to lose weight; however, I need to lose 10 lbs. 130-132 lbs is my good, healthy weight. When I worked at a health club and worked out 5 days/week that was my weight. When we lived in Svannah, that was my average weight. I am now dead set on getting back to that weight.

There are several factors that I think have contributed to this weight gain. I haven’t been exercising regularly which I am sure contributed to it. Living in Savannah, I exercised about 4-5 days per week and did a lot of walking on the weekends when we were in the Historic District. Here on the weekends, we drink, eat and try to stay cool. We don’t have a nice, pretty, entertaining Historic District. Even though we ate out a lot in Savannah, I typically burned it off through running, yoga and walking. I live a much more sedentary lifestyle here and it’s starting to show.

Another factor is that I quit taking Metformin since I made so many diet changes. Metformin helps regulate your insulin and I take b/c PCOS can cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can casue weight gain. Needless to say, I started Metformin again this morning.

Lack of freaking motivation because I live in Leesville, LA and hate it. There, I said it. Yes, I love my job and we’ve paid off a lot of debt since living here but I am reaching my limit of how long I can live here. This year of stability can’t get over soon enough. I cannot wait to live in civilization again.

My back issues and infertility issues have also played a part in why I’ve gained weight. It’s hard to get the motivation to eercise when you feel like you’re being stabbed in the back or when you are doubled over b/c of PCOS and/or endometriosis. It’s not fun. I’m trying to find ways to work through/around these issues. I can’t wait until I start physical therapy for my back-hopefully it will work wonders.

Seing those old pics of me inspired me. I can have that body again b/c I had that body about 18 months ago. I have the tools, I just have to do it.

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Happy Father’s Day…..

Sure wish that we could see P’s son, Connor but his mom is a bitch so we don’t even get pictures unless I snatch them off Myspace when she forgets to make them private. Anyway, here’s a picture of him.

Sleepy Connor

Sleepy Connor

Life with one vehicle is actually going really well. I like it and I especially like not having a second car payment. It’s also making me workout in the mornings because I have to get up to take P to work so I might as well hit the gym while I’m there. We’ve actually got a good system down now and are in no hurry to get a second vehicle.

My sis in law is still bat shit crazy and I spend way too much texting with her. It’s fascinating really, the things that she says. I forget that she’s 29 and not 17-she’s so immature in so many ways. Social services in CA is still working with her and supposedly, accorcing to her, she’s doing everything that she is supposed to do. Her daughter, S, turns 1 year tomorrow and I sent her a few things from WalMart. Ok, so back to the crazy texting because she’s texting me right now. She was telling me how P, my hubby, had some fabulous going away party when he joined the Army. Ummm, if he did he sure doesn’t remember it. She also tried to tell me that he was drinking 40s and smoking weed when he was 10 yrs old…..yeah, not so much. She also has 2 different baby daddies, no job, no GED, no diploma but thinks that she can make it on her own with no help, one child and a baby on the way. Oh yeah and she thinks that she will meet Obama and he will help her to get housing. Seriously, bat. shit. crazy.

One month from today P and I will be going to the RE for our first infertility consultation with him. I am PSYCHED!!!! We are hoping and praying to get pregnant before 2010 so that we don’t have to start this process once we move to another Army post. I am not looking forward to all the injections but if it works then it will all be worth it. I find myself day dreaming about how it will be to have a baby in the home with us and the zoo. I see moms at the store and I picture myself shopping with a little baby attached to me in a sling. I look on Ebay for baby stuff even though we are not pregnant. One day it will happen, it just has to.

In addition for making infertility appointments, I now am making appointments for my back. The MRIs showed 2 protruding discs in my thoracic region. PT and nerve blocks here I come. I have had to modify my exercise routine with my weight lifting and I’ve had to modify how I work-no more sitting for hours cleaning up case files. Hopefully I’ll get a nerve block before the end of the summer so I can get back to normal. The sucky thing is that I will be dealing with this on and off for the rest of my life. I’m only 33 but this diagnosis made me feel 63.

Ok, off to run in this suffocating heat.


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So many thoughts, so little time to blog

I really need to start blogging from work everyday but some days I just don’t have time. My job continues to keep me busy and make me happy which are both great things. My coworkers and I had noticed a steep incline of soldiers getting chaptered out of the Army. According to the Army Times, the powers that be are finally cracking down on drug and alcohol infractions. They are doing this in part to clean up the Army-remember all those waivers that got in under the last Administration b/c we desperately needed soldiers-but also to tackle the problem of suicides in the ranks. Depression and substance abuse are very closely linked so this rationale has merit. My fear is that some of the local commanders are not referring soldiers to ASAP-substance abuse program-but rather just chaptering them out to “get rid of the problem/” Now yes, many of thses soldiers need to bt put out of the Army but I also think that returning from a deployment is quite stressful which is perhaps why these soldiers are abusing substances. That thinking is also discussed in the article but I can’t post the article b/c I have to pay to subscribe to the Army Times in order to get it from the website and I’m too cheap for that right now :p

bye-bye, Saturn

bye-bye, Saturn

I totaled my car last week. I had a brain fart and I rear ended a Mustang while leaving post to head home. The reason that my car is totaled and the Mustang has scratches is becase the freaking thing was reinforced for racing-internal roll bars, steel reinforced bumber. Yeah, my Saturn didn’t have a fighting chance. If we actually get what the insurance told us, we’ll ba able to pay off the car AND pay off a credit card 🙂 I’ve already decided that we will be aone car family until we PCS out of here. Between my job and the extra $265 (my old car payment) per month, we should be able to put over $1000 into savings, pay off our couch and possibly pay off another credit card before moving. That means we would leave here only owing on 2 credit cards!!!!*happy dance* Owing on only 2 cards would be a mega huge deal for us since we once owed on 9 credit cards. I also want to get my credit fixed-damn you Verizon and your massive error-before we buy another car. FYI-fixing an error on your credit reports can be a huge pain in the ass, even when you have proof to back it up.

I turn 33 in one week and I don’t feel a day over 25. I asked my hubby for 2 things for my birthday-the new DMB CD super deluxe box set and the new Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 CD/DVD set. I’m a simple girl trying to get back to my hippie, chilled out roots. Ben Harper and DMB was one of the best concerts of my life. Ahh, the carefree days of college…..

We have a grill now and it rocks my world. I haven’t cooked meat in over a week because that is now hubby’s job 🙂 He marinades it and cooks it; I cook sides while the meat is grilling. Best thing ever!! So far we’ve had steak, burgers, blackened salmon (delicious!), carne asada and BBQ chicken. This week I think that will we have shrimp, fish, a Mexican dish and something yet to be decided. I will be spending plenty of time on the internet today searching for grilling recipes and side dish ideas.

We are still rolling along on the infertility train. This month I am giving up tobacco and alcohol all together. Yes, yes, I realize that it’s late in the game to give up those things but I had drastically cut down on both over the past year. I’ve already given up aspartame, saccharin, soy (for the most part-soy is in almost everything!), caffeine, MSG and I’ve been trying to buy organic whenever possible. I’ve started drinking green tea, cut down on sugar and increased the amount of fruit and veggies that I eat. I’ve also cut out all citrus fruits because of the effect they can have on cervical mucous. I’m still counting down the days until we see the RE in Alexandria. Please, oh please let IUI not be crazy expensive on TriCare and please let it be a viable option for us.

I hear that a new iPhone is coming out this summer. I must have it.


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Sorting through all of this natural stuff

So I started researching on another natural healthcare site today Natural Fertility Info. The master Herbalist who runs the site is on my Twitter and much of what she says falls right in line with the book that I am reading. I think that I am going to combine elements from the 2 places and go from there. I am definitely interested in acupuncture, acupressure and eating organically. Eating organically in this craptastic town will be difficult since my shopping choices are WalMart and the Commissary but I’ll do what I can. Maybe I’ll start driving to the Kroger in Alex every week to pick up organic food. I’m also trying to find somewhere that sells quinoa pasta and products….proving to be very difficult.

Next, I will be taking a trip to the local health food/herbal store to get some herbs. I am not sure what all I plan to take but I do know that I will be buying bee pollen and royal jelly. I’m continuing to do some research on herbs to make into teas to help boost fertility. *Update* While blogging I was Googling “herbs for infertility” and came across this site. If I’m not preggo this time then I am going to order the Little Bundle Starter Pack and the Fertility Tea. That’s right, I said if we’re not preggo this time. Yeah, I know that I said AF came yesterday but apparently she didn’t come for real. *TMI ALERT* I literally spotted once yesterday morning and then nothing else so far.

Now for the diet and lifestyle changes…those are gonna suck. My morning coke is being replaced with green tea. No more caffeine (except the green tea), no more alcohol, no nicotine, no fruit juice (unless it’s freshly squeezed) and as many organic things as possible. That also means no more microwave meals, frozen pizzas, etc. Guess I will actually have to start making my own pizza like Amy does.

Hopefully all of this will work or at least all of this plus one IUI. I’m ready to start looking at baby stuff.


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Slowly my quality of life is improving

I abso-freaking-lutely love my new job!!!! I have been here a week and I am already acclimated to the workload and am helping clients. I haven’t mastered the resume wizard stuff yet but I can schedule clients and do some other things. Hopefully in a month or so I will be doing briefs on my own =) It’s amazing how being in a job you enjoy can lift your spirit.

The one “eh” side to my job is the dress code. I haven’t had to wear business casual attire in a year so my closet needs some replenishing. I am slowly building my professional waredrobe back to an acceptable level but it is difficult to do given that I am limited on funds and stores. Anyone want to nominate me for “What Not to Wear” so I can get new clothes??

I have also decided to set up a Paypal account to help raise funds for P and I have to have IVF. There is no way we can save enough money quickly enough to do it due to our outrageous credit card debt. Yes, we are aware that we were terribly financially irresponsible and we will never do it again. After our state tax refunds come in we should be able to pay off one and a half cards which will leave us with 3 and a half to go. Thankfully with my new job and us cutting down on stupid expenses (i.e. energy drinks, massive amounts of alcohol) we should be able to start paying those down in a reasonable amount of time.

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Our plan after tears, sleep and talk

We definitely don’t have $6000 lying around for IVF and the associated travel costs. I am keeping the consultation and we are going to try to schedule it for block leave b/c P is adament about going with me to Womack. In the mean time we are going to have sex everyday (yes, everyday) and I am going to talk to the dr about getting back on Femara since it is safe for long term use. I may or may not do OPKs. . . P has left that up to me. I also plan to talk to the dr about the differences in Walter Reed and Womack since WR seems to be the best of the best for IVF in the military. If I can get on there then I really want to do it.

Financially we really need to pay off our debt, esp our credit card debt. We currently have 5 CC (down from 9) and we have plans to pay off 2 of them within 3 months with tax returns and money from my new job. Rather than completely focusing on paying off the remaining 3 CC, we are going to divide the money 50/50 between CC debt and IVF savings. If we can put $500/months towards both then we can have the 6k in one yr. We also plan to ask family members for monetary gifts only for holidays so that we can put it toward our dream of having children.

I am currently trying to figure out additional ways to fund this and so far my Facebook (and some ArmyWifeChat friends) have come up with a zombie porno bake sale, garage sales and traditional bake sales. Anyone have any other ideas? I have found a grant but it seems to be for people with zero insurance coverage and we have TriCare.

We are trying to be positive about all of this since according to the dr and all my tests, we really should be able to get pregnant on our own. I plan to delve into reading more about all natural ways to boost pregnancy and to finally watch that Conceivex DVD that came in the mail. If we could do this naturally it would be amazing and awesome.


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