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Wordless Wednesday



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Yes, I am frustrated but for once it’s not about infertility. It’s about working out and getting in shape. I did 2 workouts today-Yoga Zone’s yoga for weight loss and P90X plyometrics (basically jumping for 45 min). I had to cut the yoga short-just did one 30 min workout instead of 2-and modify a lot of moves in plyo because of my body. My back starting burning about 15 min into yoga and rather than making it better (which it usually does) the yoga started making the burning worse. I finished the 30 minutes and then moved onto plyo. I had to modify a lot of moves in plyo because my strained-formerly torn (5 yrs ago)-leg muscle began aching again. At one point I felt a sharp pain in my shin, like it was tearing again. I have stretched, soaked in a hot bath and wrapped my leg with an Ace bandage. The compression of the wrap seems to make it feel better. It’s frustrating because I’m only 33 years old. I should be falling apart yet. I mean, I know that I have played hard and that at times I push myself but damn.

I’m also frustrated because while no one would ever call me fat (5’8″, 135 lbs) I have a tummy pooch. One of the many things i just love about PCOS, stubborn fat cells. After 4 weeks of doing P90X I can see a difference in my legs, arms and upper abs but those stubborn fat cells in my lower abs just won’t go away! Of course if I could follow the P90X diet it might help but trying to follow the fertility diet is more important to me right now. I also love to eat and my feeling is that life is too short to not enjoy my meals and wine. I’ve been doing better, though, and I’m just frustrated that the fat is not disappearing from my tummy. I think that it will eventually but I want it to go away NOW.

P’s ex wife is also frustrating me. I want to surprise P with a mini scrapbook of their son for CHristmas but she won’t send pictures to us. I messaged her on Myspace and FB last night but she never responded. NOw apparently she’s saying that I’m harassing her. Really? Because I want pictures of C to make a book for HIS FATHER? Yeah, she’s a piece of work.

So here I sit, drinking a beer with a wrapped leg and trying to figure out ways to convince my husband’s ex wife to email pictures of their son…..I’m open to suggestions.


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