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Cycle Day what?

Unbelievably, I realized yesterday that I didnot know what CD I was on. I literally had to take out my calendar and look. I honestly cannot tell you the last time that has happened. Normally I know right off the top of my head what CD I’m on and I am counting down to CD28 to POAS. Not this time. I have to admit that although it feels amazingly freeing, it also feels weird because I am so accustomed to keeping up with CDs, symptoms, medicines, etc. This month I used OPKs, had sex and that’s it. I’ve enjoyed wine, beer, wings and Mexican food. This weekend I plan to enjoy more beer while I watch football. It’s actually a wonderful break but at the same time I can’t wait to get back in the game.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve got my body back. My tummy pooch, though still there, is now back to it’s normal size as are my boobs. My mood swings are back to normal and my sleeping pattern has returned to somewhat normal. It’s actually pretty awesome to open up my closet and actually fit into all of my clothes again.

To help in getting my body back and into even better shape, I have been sticking with P90X. A wrench was thrown into my plans this week (what shold’ve been the week 5 workout) because I have a sinus infection and chest congestion. Obviously I have not been able to exercise-I can’t even sleep through the night without coughing. I have 4 make-up workouts to do so I am considering do them over the weekend if I feel up to it; if not then I will just be adding them as I go along. I continue to be amazed at how quickly my body responds to exercise and diet changes. I get results super fast, except of course in my lower belly. Oh well, I’ve lived with it for 33 yrs, I can live with it for a while longer.

Back to getting back in the game, I just ordered The Fertility Diet book. I have been generally following the recommendations for the past couple of months but I wanted to get the book and really dive into it. I want to learn all about the diet as well as get some more ideas on recipes. I am really looking forward to getting the book and learning even more about the diet. I figure that it can’t hurt anything and maybe that it+exercise+fertility self massage for endometriosis+IUI might just =a baby or two 🙂


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I’m either pregnant or hormones are kicking my ass

More updates 🙂

8dpiui-Tummy continues to be tender and I have random cramps-short but sharp. Still peeing at least twice per night even though I drink cranberry/blueberry juice and take a cranberry pill everyday. Still need a nap during the day and had nausea after my nap.

9 and 10dpiui- I’ve had cramping and fatigue. Tummy still tender. I took at preg test this AM and it was a BFN. AF isn’t due until Sat so it’s ok. The good part is that I now know that the hcg trigger shot is completely out of my system, so if I get a BFP on Sat it will be accurate.

11dpiui (today)- I am so incredibly emotional that it’s ridiculous. I am still getting up to pee about twice per night. I’ve been getting headaches and nausea daily for over a week. I gagged while cleaning yesterday b/c of the smell of something in the trash mixed with the smell of Tilex. My toes need to be painted but the thought of opening polish remover and having to smell it almost makes me gag.

I am testing again on Saturday which will be 15dpiui. Hopefully it’s a BFP. If not I will be drowning my sorrows with beer and bourbon.


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Exhausted and emotional, damn 2ww

Here’s an update on all my obsessing during the 2ww.

4dpiui-Not as tired but still gonna take a nap before dinner. No more pain/soreness but tummy is still quite puffy. Hopefully that puffiness is a good sign 🙂

5dpiui-Weighed myself this morning….I have gained 5.5 lbs in a week. I have been getting up to pee 1-2 times/night-thought it may be UTI so I’ve taken a ton of cranberry pills but nothing has changed. Still tired and would be happy to go to bed at 7:30 every night.

I’m trying not to obsess over everything and so far I’m doing a pretty good job We test a week from Saturday, right before we go to LA Boardwalk….so hard to wait.

6dpiui-Bloating has gone down a tad, 2.5 pounds to be exact Still tired pretty much all the time, though there is about a 2 hr span in the afternoon when I have a decent amount of energy.

I’ve decided to take one of those early detection HPTs on Monday b/c I’ve heard of ladies getting a BFP as early as 10piui. If I get a negative then I’ll take another test on Saturday. If I get a positive then I will be ecstatic and call the dr :-p

7dpiui-Puffiness appear to have gone down considerably. I slept over 10 hrs last night-nap after work and then real sleep-and swear that I could sleep for at least 4 more. I was also nauseous after my nap last night. Today I want to cry for no real reason….may be a good sign or may be a sign of PMS. I plan to nap when I get home and plan to take it easy-except for housecleaning-this weekend. I just feel completely drained, emotionally and physically, today.

One a happy note, I have Twitter friends who had IVFs and so far all are doing very well and one even is even preg with twins 🙂 One of my old HS friends on FB who has suffered with infertility for yrs and had miscarriages has made it almost 7 week with this preg and all of her numbers are a loooking good 🙂

I’m doing well not drinking coffee or cokes. I’ve been eating healthy though right now I am considering eating a cupcake that a coworker baked. I would kill for a decaf skinny vanilla latte from SB right now.


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