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Daydreaming of PCS’ing outta here

It’s one of those days where all I can do, other than work, is daydream about PCS’ing fromthie place. Our next options are KY, GA or NC depending on what my hubby decides to do careerwise. I really, really, really want GA b/c the Army post where we would be stationed is close to my family and I would get to see them more often. KY or NC wouldn’t be bad either but now I have my heart set on GA. I’ve been researching buying vs. renting a house; where to live; where to work and all that jazz. I would be terribly sad to leave my job but dang it, I need civilization again.

Speaking of my job, it still rocks. In fact it has gotten even better since one of my coworkers-the only one i didn’t like-left. She always had a surly look on her face and just seemed generally unapproachable. We are in the process of hiring someone to replace her and I’m sure it will be a person who is a much better match with our staff. I am hoping that wherever we go after Polk, I can still work at that post’s ACAP Center. I really, really love doing this job.

There’s not really much else going on around here. P is in the field so I am left to handle the zoo by myself. My father in law comes in town next week and he is staying a week. I have some serious cleaning to do this weekend…joy, joy.


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the surprise…..

Me: Ummmm, how about at least a hint

Her: I’m pregnant and I don’t think I’m ready to give up S.

Me: Then there’s no reason for you to come down here.

Then she had the nerve to ask me if they could still come down here to visit for a week b/c she’d spent rent money on the ticket and so I could visit with S. Ummm, no you manipulative meth whore.

So yeah, I’m not happy. I cried for hours last night and woke up with a migraine and looking like I had 2 black eyes. Thankfully my boss is the most understanding woman in the world-I came in an hour late (I called of course) and she’s allowed me to sit in my office and not interact with clients.

Yeah, I don’t really feel like blogging right now.


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