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And the hits just keep coming

I’m having to type this on my iPhone since my keyboard is currently freaking out. If you follow me on Twitter then you know this, but I know that not everyone follows me (shocker, I know).

I’ll be having a saline sonogram this week (Thursday) as well as a fasting glucose and an additional fasting test to determine if I have MTHFR or not. Two of my labs from the IVF clinic came back abnormal-elevated glucose and an MTHFR gene mutation. The high glucose concerns me because I have 2 extended relatives who have developed Type 2 diabetes. If I have MTHFR then I’ll be on a ton of folic acid (the mutation inhibits that) and my risk of miscarriage will increase.

I know that both are treatable but with P being deployed, trying to adopt my SIL’s kids and thinking about going through IVF on my own, it’s just all a bit much. Any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated ❤



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Wait, I USED to have a flat tummy….

So the other day I found a couple of old pics of me from when we lived in Savannah. I’m not posting them b/c they are risque and my brothers read this blog. Not to mention that I’m sure P wouldn’t want me posting htme here. Anyway, I had a flat tummy back then and I had totally forgotten that fact. Now I definitely do not have a flat tummy. In fact, I have gained about 12 lbs in the past few months. I am up to 142 which is 8 lbs away from my personal fat weight. Now I know that some of you reading this will probably be rolling your eyes at my weight and thinking that I am a delusional bitch for thinking that I need to lose weight; however, I need to lose 10 lbs. 130-132 lbs is my good, healthy weight. When I worked at a health club and worked out 5 days/week that was my weight. When we lived in Svannah, that was my average weight. I am now dead set on getting back to that weight.

There are several factors that I think have contributed to this weight gain. I haven’t been exercising regularly which I am sure contributed to it. Living in Savannah, I exercised about 4-5 days per week and did a lot of walking on the weekends when we were in the Historic District. Here on the weekends, we drink, eat and try to stay cool. We don’t have a nice, pretty, entertaining Historic District. Even though we ate out a lot in Savannah, I typically burned it off through running, yoga and walking. I live a much more sedentary lifestyle here and it’s starting to show.

Another factor is that I quit taking Metformin since I made so many diet changes. Metformin helps regulate your insulin and I take b/c PCOS can cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can casue weight gain. Needless to say, I started Metformin again this morning.

Lack of freaking motivation because I live in Leesville, LA and hate it. There, I said it. Yes, I love my job and we’ve paid off a lot of debt since living here but I am reaching my limit of how long I can live here. This year of stability can’t get over soon enough. I cannot wait to live in civilization again.

My back issues and infertility issues have also played a part in why I’ve gained weight. It’s hard to get the motivation to eercise when you feel like you’re being stabbed in the back or when you are doubled over b/c of PCOS and/or endometriosis. It’s not fun. I’m trying to find ways to work through/around these issues. I can’t wait until I start physical therapy for my back-hopefully it will work wonders.

Seing those old pics of me inspired me. I can have that body again b/c I had that body about 18 months ago. I have the tools, I just have to do it.

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