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After much research yesterday, here is what I have found out about getting baby S. First, R has to pick up and complete the paperwork in the “guardianship package.” Then the paperwork gets submitted, there is a court date and the judge approves (hopefully) the guardianship. The judge then has to approve us moving the child out of state. Provided the judge approves moving S out of state (doubt he/she would care since the mother of the child is cool with it) we then have to get guardianship in our state. Why is everything so complicated?? She says she can’t care for the child and we CAN care for the child, so let us take care of S. I realize that all of this red tape is to protect S but it’s just frustrating.

Today I am hungover b/c I drank too much wine with Amy last night. yeah, I realize I broke my goal of not drinking alcohol while P is gone but it’s Leesville, there’s nothing to do and I was/am frustrated about this whole guardianship thing. I doubt that I will be drinking tonight, though. Hangovers suck.



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A hodgepodge….

I don’t care if Michael Phelps smoked pot. I heard part of his interview on Today while I was getting ready for work and I felt a bit sorry for the kid. Seriously, he’s 23 and having some fun-BACK OFF PEOPLE. Lots of 23 year olds have smoked pot and partied some-why should he be so different? Because he’s a “role model”? Yeah, f*ck that. Kids need to know that their heroes and rold models are not perfect and that it is ok to make some mistakes. Seriously, Phelps didn’t beat a woman, pull a gun on someone or have sex with a minor. He smoked a drug that many people, including myself, think should be legal. It must suck to live in the public eye.

I am thinking of taking a different route on the infertility stuff. Dr. M had mentioned that it would cost about $1000 to do an IUI here in LA (not the cool L.A.) due to TriCare not covering it. I think that $1000 might be easier to come up with versus the $6000+ to travel and do IVF at Bragg. I am doing some research today during my down time to see if I can find a reproductive endocrinologist within a few hrs who will do an IUI.

I am also looking into the Conceivex Conception Kit. We could pay out of pocket for it or we could get on the list to be in the TriCare related study and possibly get it for free. I’m not sure how P would feel about this method of conception but it is definitely the most cost effective. The only real issue is that it doesn’t help infertility due to PCOS or endometriosis but the drs can’t seem to explain why those issues are causing my problems so I figure it’s worth a shot.

I am sick of the freaking weather here in LA. Earlier this week it was yellow with pollen and we needed to run our A/C. Yesterday it was been COLD and rainy and it will be that way all weekend. Cold and rainy is not fun when you have 3 dogs that want to play outside.

Tonight is date night =) We are having dinner at the local Japanese steakhouse after work and I am excited about it. It’s one of the few restaurants here that we both like a lot. Tomorrow I will be getting my industrial piercing. Hopefully work doesn’t care. If they do I will just hide it with my hair. I am so freaking excited to get this done because I have wanted it for years!!!

Off to help soldiers now. Hopefully the rest of the day will fly by quickly.

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Slowly my quality of life is improving

I abso-freaking-lutely love my new job!!!! I have been here a week and I am already acclimated to the workload and am helping clients. I haven’t mastered the resume wizard stuff yet but I can schedule clients and do some other things. Hopefully in a month or so I will be doing briefs on my own =) It’s amazing how being in a job you enjoy can lift your spirit.

The one “eh” side to my job is the dress code. I haven’t had to wear business casual attire in a year so my closet needs some replenishing. I am slowly building my professional waredrobe back to an acceptable level but it is difficult to do given that I am limited on funds and stores. Anyone want to nominate me for “What Not to Wear” so I can get new clothes??

I have also decided to set up a Paypal account to help raise funds for P and I have to have IVF. There is no way we can save enough money quickly enough to do it due to our outrageous credit card debt. Yes, we are aware that we were terribly financially irresponsible and we will never do it again. After our state tax refunds come in we should be able to pay off one and a half cards which will leave us with 3 and a half to go. Thankfully with my new job and us cutting down on stupid expenses (i.e. energy drinks, massive amounts of alcohol) we should be able to start paying those down in a reasonable amount of time.

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A case of the blues and other ramblings

I have a case of the blues and I am not entirely sure why. I have been a housewife for about 2 months now and most of the time I actually don’t mind it. This week has been different, though. . . I haven’t felt like myself since the surgery. I have been tired and in some degree of pain. Apparently this is all normal and I just need to give my body time to heal but it’s getting annoying. The pain is mostly gone but I still get twinges of pain. The fatigue is the part that is really getting on my nerves. I basically slept 12 hours last night and I never do that, even when I’m shit faced.

I think part of it has to do with this place, too. Leesville sucks your soul out slowly, a little everyday. You get complacent, make friends, find a kickass hair stylist and in those good times you forget how empty it is here; then it hits you like a ton of bricks. This place has no soul and no culture. I felt good for a bit yesterday after I got a great haircut and booked my next appt with my new hair chick. I have a doggie play date and a job interview tomorrow but still, IT’S LEESVILLE, LA. I have to live here for another yr or so and that thought is not so happy at the moment. Next month will be a year that we’ve been here. . . wow. Hopefully next year passes quickly. I haven’t taken a real picture with a real camera in months. What’s the point? I have no computer right now and it will be another couple of months before I get my Mac. I also see no real beauty here other than in my friends. Maybe I’ll just start taking tons of pictures of Amy and our dogs.

I just might be back in the working world again!!! I have a job interview with ACAP tomorrow and the nice lady on the phone seems to really want to hire me. The best part is that this is a job still in my profession, pays more than minimum wage AND I think that I will enjoy it. I used to help parents with job skills, interview skills, etc when I worked in child welfare. If I can help crackheads find jobs, surely I can help soldiers/veternas find jobs.

I am 6 post op and my stomach looks like I have been punched a few times. I have 4 good bruises on my tummy; thank goodness I don’t have to be in a bikini any time soon. P was with me until they wheeled me into the OR and then he was with me in Recovery Phase 2. The whole thing took up a good chunk of our day but hopefully it will all be worth it. The dr sent me home with percocet but I haven’t had to take much of it, thankfully. P was upset b/c the dr wouldn’t tell him anything after the procedure and just told him that he would talk to us during my post-op appt. A few days ago I finally looked at my discharge paperwork and noticed the diagnosis section-it said endometriosis. I immediately started crying. Why? I don’t know. I suspected endometriosis, esp after P said I had been in surgery at least an hour and I had 2 incisions. We have our answer, now we just wait to talk to the dr and proceed from there. Who knows, maybe since the dr cleaned out the scar tissue we will get knocked up on our own.

Ugh, I have to log off in 20 minutes-stupid on post computer lab. Before I go, my thoughts on adoption:
I wish that I had a dollar for every time that someone mentions adoption in the context of a conversation about infertility. One person-who has never tried to get pregnant-has even said that if she and her husband couldn’t get pregnant, they wouldn’t try any medical procedures and would just adopt b/c obviously that’s God’s plan. Others talk abotu all the kids that need homes, etc. Guess what, I want to get pregnant. I want to have a big pregnant belly, cravings, the whole nine yards. I want to watch my stomach move like an alien, knowing that I have a little me/P in me growing and wanting to come out. I want to know what it’s like to give birth and see my baby come directly from ME. I want to be able to look at my child and think he/she has my eyes, P’s nose, etc. I worked in child welfare for 7 yrs and adoption is not easy and not cheap. Not to mention that many of those kids are fucked up and come from fucked up parents. I want the chance to fuck up my own kids; not the chance to repair what someone crack head has done. Helping people is my career choice, not my choice for a family. Call me selfish, I really don’t give a damn. As much as I love the movie Juno it is not the story of most adoptions. Trust me, if I could guarantee that a Juno would give us a baby then I would consider adoption. . . but that’s just not reality. Even in private adoptions the birth mother and/or father are not usually the kind of people that you’d want to be friends with, much less raise their DNA.

So for all of you fertile people who people who think that adoption is the answer, go out and adopt a child yourself. Put your fucking money where your mouth is.

On a separate note, I have decided that I might convert to the Episcopal Church. I grew up Church of Christ but for many reasons have not ever felt totally comfortable in it, esp in a small town. I plan to visit the local Episcopal Church this Sunday to see how it is. Those who know me and know the Episcopal Church seem to think that it’s a good fit. We shall see.


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T minus 3 days until surgery

I am trying to get the home ready for me to be out of commission for a few days.  I have cleaned the downstairs (it will have to be swept again before surgery since we have a zoo) and am now looking for something to make in the crockpot for Friday.  I am thinking of this Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup. It’s simple and looks so good!! I might check out her blog some more to be sure that’s what I want. I’ll probably make some cornbread to go with it. My neighbor is making some gumbo for us on Sunday and I am stoked about that. Of course this, Chicken Stewed in Wine looks good and simple, too. I bet that I could talk P through it.

Leesville sucks, for real. I am so tired of living here. I applied for 2 more jobs last night and one more this morning. The one that I applied for this morning is to work at the PX as an inventory person and display person. I would sooooooooooooooooo rahter do that than work a cash register. Seriously, why can’t the Class 6 be hiring?

Ok, as one of my good friends has said, off to live another Groundhog Day.

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Update from Podunkville

Infertility Update:
I have to go back the day before surgery just for a type and screen blood test in case they need to give blood to me

After 2 hrs and 10 minutes my appt is finally over! There was a lot of paperwork to be completed by the nurse-that definitely took the longest. Who knew there were 10 different ways to ask you if you have a latex allergy! I will be under general anesthesia on surgery day and have to use a spirometer (?) for a few days after surgery to be sure that fluid doesn’t settle in my lungs. The morning of surgery I will pee in a cup at home (cup and label provided by the Army) so that the dr can do a quick pregnancy test before he starts the procedure. If I am the first surgical pt then I should be home by lunch time. If not it’s gonna suck b/c I can’t eat/drink anything after midnight the night before.

My BP was 106/66 (woohoo!) but my temp was 99. . . not sure why b/c I usu have a lower than normal body temp but I feel fine so I’m not worried. The night before and the morning of surgery I have to wash with a special soap provided by the dr. They did a CBC on me today and my MRSA test results should be back Monday. I have to call the day before the surgery to find out my time.

THe day of surgery I will check in with Admissions and then go to the Surgical Pavillion with my pee cup. They will take my pee and then P and I will just chill in the SP waiting room until they call me. After the surgery I will go to Recovery Phase 1 the Recovery Phase 2. I have to be able to hold down a snack-juice and crackers-and pee before I can leave. While I’m in Recovery P will take my ID card and get my drugs from the pharmacy. Once I leave I can bascially do nothing for the first 24 hours other than relax at home and have P wait on me hand and foot =)

Job update:
Tomorrow I interview for a postion in Customer Service at the PX. It’s not a great job but at least it’s not working a cash register.

I still can’t get the damn website to work so I can apply to be a SW or a Dietetic Technician at BJACH. That bitch better be up and running soon. Today I am applying for another postion at CYS, the Army daycare.

I am excited about tonight =) P and I will be heading to Amy and Alan’s house to celebrate Hino getting out of the Army. We will eat, we will drink, we will be merry and for a few hours we might even forget that we live in hell.

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