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MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Thank you Wife of a Sailor for coming up with this!

This week’s questions are:

1. How did you and your spouse/significant other meet?
I picked him up in a bar 🙂

2. What is the best thing about being a MilSpouse?
To me there are so many great things about being a MilSpouse. I love getting to move to different places and experience different parts of the country. Another perk to the moving is that I have met friends that I never would have met if I wasn’t a MilSpouse.

3. What is the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?
I think the hardest thing is the lack of communication (especially for submarines) and the constant worry. But the good BY FAR outweigh the bad.

4. What is your favorite dish?
It depends on my mood. Overall I am a huge fan of Mexican food and could literally eat chips and salsa every single day. I also love fresh seafood and local fish. A good fish and chips rocks my world when served with a good beer and let’s not forget my love of buffalo wings.

5. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
I wish that people would appreciate and protect the environment to a greater degree than what’s currently being done. Protectly the environment and finding alternative energy sources would help improve quality of life for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Ok, now it’s your turn 🙂 If you’re a MilSpouse (that includes significant others) take part in this wonderful thing that Wife of a Sailor has started.


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A Wonderful Sunburned Weekend

P and I have enjoyed a wonderful, beautiful weekend. Friday night we did our normal thing-watched movies and drank at home. I normally go to Zumba on Saturday mornings but P asked me to please spend the whole day with him, so we went fishing 🙂 We got up, got breakfast, bought supplies at Dick’s and then headed to the Skaguay Reservoir for a day of fishing.

On the way...

My hunky hubs

LOVE fishing in the mountains

My pretty fishing pole

Pretty flower

The master at work

Beautiful clear water

Our fuel for the day

We didn’t catch any fish but spending quality time alone, with no cell phone reception was great. We both got sunburned and then went to a local Mexican joint for food. I think that we are going to do some river fishing next weekend. Hopefully we’ll catch something so that we can have fresh fish for dinner 🙂

Today we spent much of our day helping our friend, Sarah, move to her new house. Most people might like consider that fun but it seriously was fun. So happy for her that she bought a home and I can’t wait to spend time over there with her painting and having girl time when P deploys. After helping her we grabbed lunch at Red Robin’s and went to Whole Foods. Yes, heart Whole Foods so much. Sundays have traditionally been our days to run errands and spend time together. They will be very hard for me when P leaves.

In other news, my therapist is awesome and has volunteered to take me to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer when the time comes. When I mentioned going to BWW while P is gone, she also said that she would go there and to SB with me if needed. I could not be happier about her being my therapist and firmly believe that I would not be able to make it through all of this without her. If you are going through fertility challenges or deployment, I highly recommend therapy.

Now I’m off to watch the series finale of The Tudors with the best husband in the world.


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Scattered thoughts

Time is going too fast. We are having fun but it’s just too fast. Our weekends are filled with eating out, shopping, drinking and hanging out. I’m cherishing every single freaking second, just wish it would slow down.

This weekend is a long one and we have lots of fun stuff planned 🙂 Tonight we had dinner out and then went to see the Prince of Persia. It was a GREAT movie! I got teary eyed during the previews because most of them were for movies coming out after P leaves. Nonetheless, it was a great night. Now we’re relaxing at home and I’m enjoying a glass of wine. Tomorrow I go to Zumba (seriously, my new favorite exercise) and then we are going to Territory Days in Old Colorado City. I seriously LOVE that part of town and would love to live there one day. It’s where I take Zumba and it reminds me a lot of Savannah and the Highland area in Birmingham. I feel at home in the Springs but I really feel at home in that area-hippies, local artists, dancers, hip earthy parents all seem to frequent that area. I am taking my good camera out there tomorrow and hope to get some great pictures. Either Sunday or Monday we hope to take the dogs outdoors some where for some walking and I plan to take some pictures then, too. I really need to get back to serious picture taking-at one time it was so therapeutic for me.

I’ve been doing great with eating and exercising this week 🙂 I made 3 Cheese Baked Ziti on Monday and literally ate it all week. I never got tired of it-P did but he just ate sandwiches instead. No way was I cooking every night with it being so hot and this house not having A/C. I’ve run once and been to Zumba twice this week. I planned to run today but when I left work at noon (took half a day off) I crashed for a 4 hour nap. I am really not sure why I was so exhausted but I listen to my body so I took the day off from exercising. The weight loss is going slowly but it’s going. I lost 6 lbs, gained 3 back and have lost 2 of those so I guess I’ve lost 4 lbs so far 🙂 I think that the key for me is staying away from unhealthy snacks and eating out during the week. Last week I did not do well at all with the eating-ate out and snacked A LOT. Must not do that on a regular basis. Also, been doing well with eating vegetarian for the vast majority of my meals. My goal is 1, max 2, non-vegetarian meals per week and so far I’ve been sticking with it. I am proud of me 🙂

In less than a week I turn 34 and in just over 2 weeks we have our IVF consultation. I am ridiculously calm about all of that at the moment. My next therapy appointment is on my birthday and P has agreed to go with me at the request of my therapist-LOVE MY HUSBAND. He is so not a therapy person but he didn’t hesitate when agreeing to go with me. I love that he sees how important this is to me. I love that I married him. I hate infertility but I love that he’s the one going through this with me. He is amazing.

I feel guilty about not blogging as much, seriously I do. I promise that I will blog A LOT when he’s gone. So much that you’ll probably get sick of me :-p There is so much that I think of blogging about during the week, then I get home after running or going to Zumba and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with P and watch iCarly (yeah, I love iCarly-so what?!) I need to just write like 5-7 blogs over the weekends and then post them throughout the week.

To all who read my blog, thank you-for real ❤ I promise to catch up on blog reading, too. I am ridiculously behind but I truly promise to read all of them on my Reader.


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I’m No Longer a Virgin….

a therapy virgin that is. I finished my first therapy session about an hour ago and I loved it. I was so nervous and excited about it right before I went it to meet her. She completely put me at ease and the office was homey, not at all “therapy” feeling. It was like talking to friend the whole time, a friend that was inside my head :-p

I seriously cannot explain how great it felt to talk to someone about the stress of infertility, deployment, IVF, moving, etc. I mean, I love you readers and Tweeters but having a real live person, who has been through infertility (yep, she’s been down that road) and is a trained therapist is truly wonderful. After just one session I no longer feel as overwhelmed with this whole IVF process during deployment. I seriously feel like I can handle it.

If you are going through infertility, deployment, adoption or just feeling overwhelmed I highly recommend therapy. Yes, I know it seems odd for me to recommend it after only one session but I can tell even at this point that I have found the right therapist and that she will be a great help to me.


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Meatless Monday and a Lesson

First of all, here’s a lesson that I learned the hard way dear readers-don’t eat a big juicy beef burger if you haven’t eat red meat in months. I gave up ground beef many months ago and switched to ground turkey. Then, of course, a few weeks ago I decided to become a part time vegetarian. Well, after Zumba on Saturday I was CRAVING a big juicy burger. Rather than smartly looking for a turkey option, I opted for the full beef burger with cheese and yummy cooked onions. Let’s just say that I’m paying for it. So readers, if you have given up beef or meat, don’t go all out if you’re craving it-baby steps, people, baby steps. My husband also kindly shared his germs with me and I am now fighting off a cold AGAIN. Yeah a cold and stomach issues are not a favorable combination.

If I brave eating real food tonight, I’ll be eating an Amy’s frozen organic cheese pizza. I felt guilty eating prepared foods for some of my meatless dinners, but then I realized it might actually help by showing that eating vegetarian meals does not mean that you have to actually cook every single night. If you are looking into dipping your toes into vegetarianism, look at soups and your frozen food section. I love Morningstar “chicken” and everything I’ve ever tried from Amy’s Organic line has been delicious. With soups, add your own stuff in there to make it more yours. Get on allrecipes.com and look around at some the vegetarian recipes-there are easy and yummy ones out there, I promise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink my Sprite and eat some crackers. Hopefully I’ll be enjoying pizza later.


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A New Plan and a GREAT Weekend

I am taking a 100% break from TTC this month. Earlier I said that I would still chart my BBT but I have decided that even that is too much right now. Of course we’ll still “do the deed” but that’s it. We need a complete break before we start IVF. I feel less stressed already.

Remember how I said I was going to get a personal trainer? Well, I think that I’ve changed my mind. On Saturday I went to Springs Salsa with my my friend Sarah and I LOVED it. Seriously, I went there hungover as all get out (not my best decision ever) and within 15 minutes it was virtually gone. I sweated more in that hour than I do when I run and it was so much fun! Another big plus is that it was all women, a great place to meet friends 🙂 I talked with P and instead of me paying $280 per month for 3 months for a personal trainer, I’m going to join the dance studio! Yes, I am excited 🙂 My new workout plan is Zumba Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; then C25K, Hundred Push-ups workout and Ab Ripper X on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Crazy? Maybe, but I am determined to decrease my body fat by 13 percent, and making friends is icing on the cake.

P and I have had a great weekend and I wish we had one more day. Friday we went out to BWW and then to a local Irish pub (hence why I had a hangover). Saturday after Zumba we ate lunch at a local place in Old Colorado City (best burger EVER), went to Beer Fest (over 50 microbrews-no we did not sample all of them) and then relaxed on the couch watching movies. Today I visited a church and loved it. It’s an old Gothic style Episcopal church. The service was a good balance of tradition and doctrine. The people were nice and I enjoyed the sermon. Hopefully I can get P to go with me next week.

After church we did our usual eating lunch somewhere (Chipotle was today’s choice), shopping and seeing a movie. We saw Robin Hood and I really liked it; of course staring at Russell Crowe for 2 hours is easy for me :-p We bought a front load washer since our washer broke (being delivered Tuesday) and then bought some stuff for the upcoming deployment. Oh, and I also got 2 pairs of cute black shoes from Kohl’s. My shoe collection has dwindled considerably since getting 4 dogs so I’ve decided to start rebuilding it. I’m also only going to buy good shoes from on-no more Payless, they don’t seem to last.

I’m already looking forward to this coming weekend-we’ll be going to the local roller derby. I plan to bring my camera and hopefully get some decent pictures. Maybe we’ll even take the dogs on a hike again at Garden of the Gods. I savor our weekends together right now…..


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2 more sleeps

Two more sleeps, then we leave this hellhole and move to Colorado! To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I’ll miss my friends and our RE but moving to Colorado is a dream for me. I simply can’t wait. Mountains, Starbucks, West Elm, shopping, hiking, camping, fishing-I cant’t fucking wait.


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