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The White House is open for questions and voting. Check it out and make your voice heard.
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Obama is a sleeper, really?

Still one of my faves from PunditKitchen
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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So apparently there are some people out there who still honestly beliveve that Obama is a sleeper in a terrorist organization. . . really? I am stumped by this because if he is then we have serious issues with our Secret Service. Obama has had a SS detail for the past 2 years, you’d think that they’d be able to pick up on something that significant. Not to mention that if he were part of Al Quada then that would mean that he’s Muslim and needs to practice his faith, which he hasn’t been doing. Part of that argument is that we don’t know that much about him. Really? Pick up a book, do some research! I have and I am happy to say that I know more about him than I have ever known about any past President. Seriously folks, do your research.

Now before anyone gets all pissy and thinks that I hate everyone who didn’t vote him, let me say that is not the case at all. One of my best friends didn’t vote for him because she disagrees with him politically, not because she thinks that he’s a sleeper. In fact, she is the one who read The Audacity of Hope and is now reading Dreams From My Father. If you didn’t vote for him because you disagree with some of his political views then fine; but to not vote for him because “he’s a sleeper” or just because he’s a Democrat is supremely ignorant in my opinion. The man has some really great ideas about how to fix the country and I hope that the country can unite in supporting him in trying to fix things.

On a personal note, I start a part time nanny gig on Monday. I am actually excited about it because the kids are darling, the parents are nice and they have a puppy that I plan to train. The pay is definitely not great but the commute is great-only 5 minutes-and hopefully I will end up getting more hours. As my hubby just said, if I get an offer for a better job then I have to take it but for now I will be a part time nanny.

TTC update-the surgery was moved from the 28th to the 29th. I hope we get some answers after the surgery.

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So much to blog, so little time

First of all, I hate not having a working computer at home. Seriously, it bugs me to death.  My iPhone works for most things but it terribly inefficient for blogging.  So here I sit at the on post computer lab, praying that this computer doesn’t crap out on me while I type.

Personal life update:  We are still not pregnant.  Since this was my last month on the Metformin and Femara my doctor has scheduled me for laparpscopic surgery on the 28th of this month.  I will be under general anesthesia and the doctor will insert a scope to check out everything and fix any cysts, fibroids, scar tissue or endometriosis that he finds.  Hubby is of course going with me and plans to take the day off to take care of me.  Apparently I will need about 5 days to recover so it’s guess it’s a good thing that I am not working right now.  As much as I don’t want the dr to find anything seriously wrong, I would like to have some answers.  Next month will be 2 yrs that we have been TTC and it’s getting frustrating-more so for me than for P. He is the eternal optimist and manages to make me smile every month when I am in tears because we are not yet pregnant.  I swear that he is a saint.

Work update: Still not working but am diligently applying for on post jobs.  I don’t mind being a housewife but we really need the income.  We just paid off 2 more credit cards this month (woohoo) but we have several more to pay.  Not to mention that we are about to buy a couch (ours is NASTY) and we need a new computer.  P has reenlisted and it looks like we are going to be lifers in the Army.  Though this lifestyle is not for everyone, it is definitely for us.  P loved being a soldier and I love seeing him happy.  Plus I like the idea of moving every few years and meeting new people.  I also enjoy the job security and the insurance benefits.  I know that many people bitch about TriCare but my experiences with TriCare and with Army drs have been positive thus far. . . I hope that it stays that way.

Well, January 20th is almost upon us and I am super excited.  I believe that I will buy some champagne to celebrate the occasion.  Any one who has known me for awhile knows that I have never voted for a main political party member for President.  Over the years I have been very disenfranchised with politics, the Electoral College (Gore should’ve won damnit) and the 2 party system in general.  This is the first time in my adult life that I have felt hopeful and inspired because of a President.  His book has solidified to me that he is actually an honest politician *gasp*.  Now, I am not one who believes that he is perfect nor do I believe that he can change our country in a flash but I do believe that he wants change and that he will fight for change.

What amazes me most is how some Republicans (not you, Em) are acting like having him as President is the end of the world and he’s not even taken office yet.  Give the man a chance, folks.  I didn’t want Bush in office for a first or a second term but sheesh, I gave him a chance.  For the first term I thought that maybe I was wrong and he would do good for our country.  For his second term I thought that maybe he’d learned some lessons and would improve.  I was wrong but I don’t think that he’s the devil, the anti-christ or some horrible person.  I think that he was a man ill equipped to lead a country and that he made some bad decisions.  I also think that he has an ego the size of his home state which probably increased his issues in office.  Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that I wish that these Republicans (again, not you, Em b/c you rock) would actually read his book and give him a chance.  The man has some pretty damn good ideas.

Another thing that bugs me is how people call him a Socialist, like it’s equal to being Satan. Seriously???  People, what is wrong with wanting to help our fellow man?  Didn’t Jesus once command a man to sell all of his possessions and give the money to the poor?  Sounds kind of Socialist to me.  I took an online survey/quiz thing during election time and found that I am Socialist. . . not a big surprise.   I am not necessarily saying that we should have a socialist country but I think that if citizens focused more on the good of the whole rather than the good of the individual then maybe things like the mortgage crisis, collapse of Wall Street and the collapse of the automakers would not have happened.

Oh yeah, one more thing that bugs me is how some Republicans have made remarks about Obama closing Gitmo and how he’s going to just let all those terrorists run free.  First of all, not all of them are terrorists.  As I explained to the hubby the other night, I could locked up in Gitmo as a “terrorist” if someone falsely reported me.  I have also joked that I am probably on some watch list for a few emails and petitions that I sent to the White House over the past 8 yrs.  (On an extreme side note, the soldier 2 seats to my right keeps making very weird grunting noises at the computer.  It’s distracting!).  Back to the point, McCain also talked about closing Gitmo but none of those Republicans said a word about that did they? Double standards. . . gotta love America.

Personally, I will state again that I am excited for change.  I am excited to have a President that I believe in and that inspires me.  I am excited to see what positive changes will happen in the military-love that the First Lady’s pet project is military families and improving our lives-and in my life.  I am excited to have a President who has worked in the economically challenged neighborhoods of Chicago and who I feel actually understands what the middle and lower class go through on a regular basis.  After the last 8 years I am excited to see what positives will occur in the next four years.  IMO, it can’t get much worse.

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