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I want to blog but my thoughts are scattered so I thought I’d do a tidbit themed post 🙂

Green smoothies-I will be getting a GOOD blender soon (have to check the budget) so that I can start these. Someone asked me what these are so I’d like to explain as best as I can. A couple of months ago I found Boho Girl’s blog. She is a beautiful soul who’s TTC and adoption story inspired me. In one of her posts she talked about green smoothies and how she and Cedar (her and Boho Boy’s son) enjoy them daily. She provided a link to Happy Foody, a blog of Sara’s, another blogger that has inspired me. If any of my readers also drink green smoothies, I’d love to see your recipes 🙂

Our new home-It’s a rental house with a huge backyard and it was built in 1975. To call the electrical wiring a clusterfuck would be an understatement. (More on that in a later more detailed post). It’s got 3 bedrooms and one and a half baths. The dogs are immensely happy with the yard. The neighborhood is old and somewhat run down in parts but it is quiet and safe. We’ve talked about buying a home here in the Springs and settling down 🙂

Belonging-It is amazing to be in a big city after 2 years of living in a backwoods town. Once again I feel like I belong. I don’t feel like my leftist views and conservation views are weird here. People walk, ride bikes and use public transportation. I plan to start regularly going back to church again, probably to an Episcopal church. I plan to get serious about photography again and maybe even try to sell my work. My spirit is renewed here.

Sick-I’ve been sick and Ranger is now sick. for those who don’t know, I visited the Army hospital’s ER the first day that we moved into our home. Everyone there was wonderful! I am now recovering from a pretty severe UTI. I was actually crying (because of the pain) in the car on the way to the ER and I have NEVER cried because of an IUI. Ranger is now sick-a little blood in poop and vomiting. We think it’s the new food we bought them. Malibu and Bear won’t eat much of the food. Today we are going to PetsMart to get their regular food for them.

Nature-I am daily amazed at the beauty of the Rocky Mountains ❤

In laws-My FIL is coming to visit us for a week. He wants to help us get settled and help us do anything around the house that needs doing. He's also bringing P's snowboarding stuff so that P can snowboard this winter (if he's even here this winter).

The D word-Unless things change (like he gets send to another unit) P will be deploying before the winter. We are both not really thinking about it right now which is good. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. There are positives to deployment and I am determined to focus on those when the time comes.

Blogs-Today's goal is to catch up on the 300+ blogs in my Google Reader 🙂



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Reflections on the past year and looking forward to change

It’s time for change both here in America and in my own little world.  It’s been time for change for awhile but now I finally feel that I have the direction and the experience to change.  I know what I want and I know, at least in part, how to get it. . . at least in my own little world.

My first change was to change my blog from Blogger to here.  I have uploaded all of my previous blogs but I feel like they were too focused on me and while I want this blog to focus on me, I also want to shed light on some of the things that I feel need changing in this world.  I have been a closeted liberal for yrs due to my upbringing and living in the South. I come from a conservative, religious Republican family and am now married to a soldier so being liberal can be difficult.  During the past election I was ridiculed and blasted by some fellow military wives and some fellow Christians because I voted for Obama.  I was basically told that I was going to hell and one former friend even siad that I could not be Democrat and Christian.  I guess I missed the memo about Republicans being divinely appointed by God.  I found that the more people blasted me for my vote, the more I defended my vote and my beliefs-something I really haven’t had to do in years. I am now on fire about changing the workd again.  I haven’t felt this way since I was in graduate school learning to be a social worker and I like, no I love this feeling.  What makes it better is that my husband is on board to change too.

Our first changes will begin at home.  We are giving up MSG, aspartame, saccharin, most processed foods and meat that is not organic. In a bigger city these changes would be somewhat easy but living in a podunk town will definitely make these changes challenging.  We also want to recycle but we have yet to find a convenient way to do that.  I think that we will end up buying extra trashcans to use a separaters and then drive on post to recycle.  I also plan to work diligently to get a job on post so that I am not polluting the air by driving 30-80 minutes to work each day. We are committed to living a greener and healthier life.

My next change will come with me actually working toward a purposeful life.  I currently work in a job that I don’t like and I want to get back to working in a job that I DO like.  I am working for a for profit agency and I have decided that I actually belong in the non-profit world.  I am sick of the differences in how people are treated depending on what insurance they have.  I want to get back to working with children in some capacity. . . that brought me true joy and purpose.

I also want to improve my spiritual health.  I have begun reading the Green Bible and it has renewed my interest in religion and personal spirituality.  I pray and such but I need to truly study the Bible again and remember that I do actually enjoy church and the Bible.

I will get back into photography full force during 2009.  That will involve either fixing our current computer or buying a new one so that I can edit and possibly sell pics but damn it, I’m doing it. I love photography and I miss it.  Though Leesville is definitely not the prettiest place on earth surely I can find some things worth photographing.

Lastly, at least for now, I want to bring awareness to world issues through this blog. There are many causes that I am passionate about and I want other people to be passionate about them as well.  So readers, get prepared to read about Darfur, global warming, animal rights, human trafficking, pit bulls, etc.  Of course I will also write about military life, infertility and light hearted things but definitely plan to read about important issues, too.

There might be more to come tonight but for now Christmas leftovers are calling my name.


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