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So many thoughts, so little time to blog

I really need to start blogging from work everyday but some days I just don’t have time. My job continues to keep me busy and make me happy which are both great things. My coworkers and I had noticed a steep incline of soldiers getting chaptered out of the Army. According to the Army Times, the powers that be are finally cracking down on drug and alcohol infractions. They are doing this in part to clean up the Army-remember all those waivers that got in under the last Administration b/c we desperately needed soldiers-but also to tackle the problem of suicides in the ranks. Depression and substance abuse are very closely linked so this rationale has merit. My fear is that some of the local commanders are not referring soldiers to ASAP-substance abuse program-but rather just chaptering them out to “get rid of the problem/” Now yes, many of thses soldiers need to bt put out of the Army but I also think that returning from a deployment is quite stressful which is perhaps why these soldiers are abusing substances. That thinking is also discussed in the article but I can’t post the article b/c I have to pay to subscribe to the Army Times in order to get it from the website and I’m too cheap for that right now :p

bye-bye, Saturn

bye-bye, Saturn

I totaled my car last week. I had a brain fart and I rear ended a Mustang while leaving post to head home. The reason that my car is totaled and the Mustang has scratches is becase the freaking thing was reinforced for racing-internal roll bars, steel reinforced bumber. Yeah, my Saturn didn’t have a fighting chance. If we actually get what the insurance told us, we’ll ba able to pay off the car AND pay off a credit card 🙂 I’ve already decided that we will be aone car family until we PCS out of here. Between my job and the extra $265 (my old car payment) per month, we should be able to put over $1000 into savings, pay off our couch and possibly pay off another credit card before moving. That means we would leave here only owing on 2 credit cards!!!!*happy dance* Owing on only 2 cards would be a mega huge deal for us since we once owed on 9 credit cards. I also want to get my credit fixed-damn you Verizon and your massive error-before we buy another car. FYI-fixing an error on your credit reports can be a huge pain in the ass, even when you have proof to back it up.

I turn 33 in one week and I don’t feel a day over 25. I asked my hubby for 2 things for my birthday-the new DMB CD super deluxe box set and the new Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 CD/DVD set. I’m a simple girl trying to get back to my hippie, chilled out roots. Ben Harper and DMB was one of the best concerts of my life. Ahh, the carefree days of college…..

We have a grill now and it rocks my world. I haven’t cooked meat in over a week because that is now hubby’s job 🙂 He marinades it and cooks it; I cook sides while the meat is grilling. Best thing ever!! So far we’ve had steak, burgers, blackened salmon (delicious!), carne asada and BBQ chicken. This week I think that will we have shrimp, fish, a Mexican dish and something yet to be decided. I will be spending plenty of time on the internet today searching for grilling recipes and side dish ideas.

We are still rolling along on the infertility train. This month I am giving up tobacco and alcohol all together. Yes, yes, I realize that it’s late in the game to give up those things but I had drastically cut down on both over the past year. I’ve already given up aspartame, saccharin, soy (for the most part-soy is in almost everything!), caffeine, MSG and I’ve been trying to buy organic whenever possible. I’ve started drinking green tea, cut down on sugar and increased the amount of fruit and veggies that I eat. I’ve also cut out all citrus fruits because of the effect they can have on cervical mucous. I’m still counting down the days until we see the RE in Alexandria. Please, oh please let IUI not be crazy expensive on TriCare and please let it be a viable option for us.

I hear that a new iPhone is coming out this summer. I must have it.



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Back to normal

Hubby is home so my routine is back to normal again. I am cooking, cleaning and exercising again. It feels good.

I have been having upper back, neck and shoulder pain on my right side for years now. A few years ago I had some testing done-inconclusive-and then received a nerve block which helped for quite a while. This past week I had an appt with a local orthopaedic dr and his PA is referring me for 2 MRIs and an EMG, all of which should be completed by the end of the month. The PA hopes that PT will be an option but she was also pretty sure that I would require another nerve block. Whatever is fine with; I just don\’t want back surgery.

I am still waiting for TriCare to approve the referral request for me to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) but in the mean time the clinic has let me make an appt 🙂 If all goes as planned then P and I will have our first RE appt on July 22. Yes, I realize that\’s a long way off but at least we got an appt. I am super excited!!!

ON an unrelated and not so happy note, I have a reactin to poison sumac/ivy/oak whetever the hell is behind our townhome. I have it on my arm and it is NOT attractive. Another reason to dislike this crappy little town.

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