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Maybe I won’t have to quit….

I have made friends with 2 of the ladies at work and I love them 🙂 They are sarcastic and funny and they let me in on “the elephant in the room”, which is a toxic co-worker. I thought it was just me that she didn’t like but it’s everyone. I feel much better now; not that everyone has to like me but I seriously felt like she hated me, and just me. Any of my old Polk coworkers reading this, she’s like the one that left right after I started there 😉

I also taught my first class today and apparently I rocked it. Another coworker (not the two ladies, an older SWEET AS PIE lady) complimented on it, my boss complimented me on it AND so did some of the individuals in the class. Public speaking/teaching is not my favorite thing in the world but I’ll do it when I have to, and I’ll be doing it on a regular basis here. Giving quick 10 minute briefs are nothing but teaching a class of 30 how to resume intimidated me at first. I feel much better after getting this first one out of the way.

I am enjoying meeting my clients here at this military post. Today I spent 30 minutes talking to a soldier who used to be in “the unit that doesn’t exist” and it was so interesting. No, he didn’t tell me any military secrets or clssified information but he did tell me how he was on Lost when he was stationed in Hawaii and how is an amateur stand-up comic. Seriously, I cannot imagine what his stand up routine must be like. I am hoping to see him perfrom during an open mic night. Today I scheduled 3 one on one counseling sessions for this week and Monday. I LOVE that part of my job and getting back to that part. As long as I focus on that and helping the soldiers in general, I think I’ll be fine.

Oh and I’m off on Friday 🙂 We have this work week flexibility thing so as long as I work a total of 80 hours during the pay period, I can take off a Friday a month. Making up 8 hours over 9 days is easy for me so I am loving it! Friday I’ll be taking Ranger and Bear to the vet-Ranger needs shots and we now think Bear has an ear infection, not ear mites. (I feel like a bad Mommy.) I’m also thinking of getting a haircut and going shoe shopping. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll call that Aveda salon by BWW for an appointment, then I can shoot over to DSW before I take the dogs to the vet. Yep, that sounds like a good plan 🙂

On a completely unrelated note, we paid off 2 credit cards today (only 4 to go), I’m running again today after taking 3 days off (stupid injury) and I’m making “Black Bean Lasagna” for dinner tonight (it’s in last week’s Meatless Monday). It sounds delish and other than the black olives, which I will omit, there is nothing in it that I don’t like. I feel confident that it will be a hit.



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Goals, goals, goals

Mentally I am back in a good place. I have found a workout that is perfect for getting me acclimated to running again and I enjoy it. The eating less meat and more fruits, veggies and non-meat protein is easier than I thought and P is on board with it 🙂 We’ve eaten vegetarian for 4 days now and enjoyed it. Hopefully this new eating and increasing my exercise are the keys to getting me back to the size I was when P met me…really my goal is to look like Jennifer Garner in Alias but I’ll settle for the old me.

In the TTC realm, we are going to proceed with IVF as soon as possible because *drumroll please* my work insurance will cover it!!!! Yep, we get $15k in medical expenses related to infertility AND $15k in prescription coverage for infertility treatment 🙂 🙂 🙂 My coverage begins May 1st so I will be calling an RE that day to set up an appointment as soon as possible. I am not naive enough to believe 100% that it will work the first time, but if it doesn’t we will hopefully have a few embryos left to do FET. We are quite excited and relieved about this and it has totally changed my apprehension about IVF. One of my main concerns was paying so much money out of pocket, it would have seriously hurt us financially to do that. Now we will at least be able to do one with the insurance….never even thought that would be a possibility.

We are now in the pre-deployment stage. No, I won’t give any more of a timeline than that due to OPSEC. If you don’t know about OPSEC, please refer to the new page that I’ve added to my blog. Back to the subject of goals, I am already making goals for myself while P is deployed. I am thinking of 90 days goals-small enough blocks of time for me to tackle but big enough that they will chip away the time in bigger pieces. My first goal (if I’m not pregnant) is to complete P90X, kind of. I will do the weight workouts but will substitute running for the cardio workouts. Oddly, running hurts my knees less than the Plyo workout from P90X. My next goal (again, if I’m not pregnant), will be to complete the Insanity workout. Yeah, that’s only a 60 day workout but it would be a big accomplishment. Those 2 goals alone would almost get me through half the deployment 🙂 Other goals include paying off credit cards, a loan and start an IRA and possibly getting Ranger certified as a therapy dog. I also have some house goals in mind as far as decorating but I’ll have to work out those details after seeing what we can do before he leaves.

The day that he told me for sure what unit he was going to and that he was definitely deploying, I cried. Since then I’ve been more determined to just make our time together fun. Should we really be spending $80 a weekend on dinner and drinks at restaurants? Probably not but we are. We are also going to movies, going to parks and exploring our new city. What we’re not doing-worrying about unpacking boxes of things that we don’t regularly use, stressing about money (we’ve already done the math-deployment pay will help a lot financially) and fighting over stupid things. This will be our first long deployment. His last deployment was short, only a few months. In a weird way, I am ready for this. I almost think that it’s a rite of passage for me as an Army wife.

So, for the next year+ my life will be a series of goals. Goals that I will actively work towards achieving and that I will keep track of here. I expect you, my lovely readers, will keep my accountable in this 🙂


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We are here and I am fat

I am blogging from my iphone because I am too tired to get up and get my lap top :-p

We made it to Colorado Springs last night and I love it! I love the mountains, the parks, the restaurants and everything I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to explore the city even more! We’re limited to what we can do right now because we still have the UHaul and are staying in a hotel (thank God for LaQuinta) until we get the house on Thursday.

We took the dogs to The Garden of the Gods today and hiked/walked for a good hour or more. The dogs loved it (so did we-plan to rock climb here) but it’s apparent that they have regressed in their behaviors due to lack of socialization. They got super excited when they saw other dogs and reacted negatively when smaller dogs growled at them. There weren’t many dog friendly places at our last post so for the past 2 years they didn’t get the opportunity to socialize with other strange dogs. Before that post, we lived in Savannah and they were well socialized (well Chloe, Ranger & Malibu were-Bear wasn’t born yet) because we took them out all the time to parks and on walks downtown. I know that it will take time and patience but I got very frustrated today. The next time that we take them out, I will be wearing the treat pouch and bribe them to get them to behave. Surprisingly the one that did the best was Malibu, our fearful dog. She virtually ignored the other dogs and people too. The one that did the worst was Bear, the coonhound mix. He has a strong prey drive and sees those smaller dogs as prey. I’ll be doing lots of research to find ways to get that under control.

Hiking today made me realize how out of shape and fat I am. Yes, I’m fat. Yeah, I know that some of it is due to the fertility meds but some of it is me. I haven’t been this big since my second year of college. I’ve developed 2 plans to get back into shape-one for if I get a BFP and one for if I get a BFN. Both plans involve daily green smoothies. The BFP plan involves walking and yoga. The BFN plan involves running, weights and rock climbing. Of course I am hoping that I will be doing lots of walking and yoga 😉 My BFN weight loss goal is 20 pounds. My BFP goal is to develop more muscle 🙂

P will also be losing weight over the next couple of months. He is talking about doing a cleanse before he reports to his new unit. After the cleanse, he wants to incorporate green smoothies into his diet and we will both be trying to go vegetarian. There are lots of reasons that we want to try vegetarianism and one of them is general health. I definitely plan to blog about our experience with it.

For now I am going to get to know my new city and surroundings. I feel like moving here is a new start for me and for us. I feel really alive again and it feels great.


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A renewed commitment

I have completely slacked off with the working out. I simply cannot do 6 days in a row like P90X and Tony Horton want me to do. Things come up and before I know it, I haven’t worked out in 3 days and I feel like a loser.

I wasn’t getting the results I wanted a far as my abs go when I was doing P90x. Having PCOS makes it even more difficult to lose the belly pooch. Seriously, those damn fat cells on my belly are so incredibly stubborn. Tonight I started thinking back to when I was in my best shape. It was about 8 years ago when I was working at a health club. I worked out 3 days on and 1 day off. I didn’t have a completely flat tummy but it was close. Also, I was running at this point which seriously seems to be the only way that I lose belly fat. So I am going back to my workout roots.

I am going to start the 3 days on and 1 day off. It will look like this-the first 3 days will be weights and abs, cardio, weights and abs. Then there will be the rest day. The next 3 days will be cardio and abs, weights, cardio and abs. The weights and abs will still be P90X workouts but the cardio will be running for 55 minutes at the gym. I am hopeful that this routine will help burn off the pooch and muffin top that I have developed. And don’t worry, I will not run during the 2ww after the IUI. I will stick to the elliptical machine or power walking during that time. On my rest day I will do a 35 minute (or longer) prenatal yoga workout and I will start doing a 15 minute prenatal yoga workout in the mornings before work. Yoga truly centers me and reminds me to focus on me and the mind body connection. I love it.

So there it is. I have a renewed commitment to exercise and making myself healthier. I pretty much got the eating part (including the fertility smoothie that I am starting this week) but now I need to crack down on the exercise part. I can do this. The healthier that I get now, the better it will be for me and the baby when I get pregnant. That’s right, I said when and not if 🙂


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Happy Father’s Day…..

Sure wish that we could see P’s son, Connor but his mom is a bitch so we don’t even get pictures unless I snatch them off Myspace when she forgets to make them private. Anyway, here’s a picture of him.

Sleepy Connor

Sleepy Connor

Life with one vehicle is actually going really well. I like it and I especially like not having a second car payment. It’s also making me workout in the mornings because I have to get up to take P to work so I might as well hit the gym while I’m there. We’ve actually got a good system down now and are in no hurry to get a second vehicle.

My sis in law is still bat shit crazy and I spend way too much texting with her. It’s fascinating really, the things that she says. I forget that she’s 29 and not 17-she’s so immature in so many ways. Social services in CA is still working with her and supposedly, accorcing to her, she’s doing everything that she is supposed to do. Her daughter, S, turns 1 year tomorrow and I sent her a few things from WalMart. Ok, so back to the crazy texting because she’s texting me right now. She was telling me how P, my hubby, had some fabulous going away party when he joined the Army. Ummm, if he did he sure doesn’t remember it. She also tried to tell me that he was drinking 40s and smoking weed when he was 10 yrs old…..yeah, not so much. She also has 2 different baby daddies, no job, no GED, no diploma but thinks that she can make it on her own with no help, one child and a baby on the way. Oh yeah and she thinks that she will meet Obama and he will help her to get housing. Seriously, bat. shit. crazy.

One month from today P and I will be going to the RE for our first infertility consultation with him. I am PSYCHED!!!! We are hoping and praying to get pregnant before 2010 so that we don’t have to start this process once we move to another Army post. I am not looking forward to all the injections but if it works then it will all be worth it. I find myself day dreaming about how it will be to have a baby in the home with us and the zoo. I see moms at the store and I picture myself shopping with a little baby attached to me in a sling. I look on Ebay for baby stuff even though we are not pregnant. One day it will happen, it just has to.

In addition for making infertility appointments, I now am making appointments for my back. The MRIs showed 2 protruding discs in my thoracic region. PT and nerve blocks here I come. I have had to modify my exercise routine with my weight lifting and I’ve had to modify how I work-no more sitting for hours cleaning up case files. Hopefully I’ll get a nerve block before the end of the summer so I can get back to normal. The sucky thing is that I will be dealing with this on and off for the rest of my life. I’m only 33 but this diagnosis made me feel 63.

Ok, off to run in this suffocating heat.


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