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Our Thanksgiving spread

For my friends across the ocean, The history of American Thanksgiving.

Crock pot turkey breast. We don’t serve with rice but I might try that the next time I make this.

Sweet potato casserole. LOVE this recipe!

Green bean casserole. So yummy and easy.

Pumpkin pie. I used a premade crust and 1Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice instead of all the separate spices.

I’m also making my Momma’s cornbread dressing:
a batch of cornbread
half a loaf of bread, dried in the oven (I use whole grain or wheat)
chicken broth (I think it’s about 4 cups)
chopped onion
melted butter (no idea how much, I just taste and add ’til it tastes right)
salt, pepper and sage to taste

Tear up the bread and cornbread-put in a large bowl. Add the next 3 ingredients and mix together. Once mixed, add the salit, pepper and sage. I taste it the entire time to see how much to add. I love sage so I tend to use a lot. Put it all into a large greased casserole dish-or 2 smaller ones-and bake on 350 for about 30 minutes. I serve it topped with gravy 🙂

My Momma’s cornbread dressing is always a hit with friends and my hubs. I love it and could eat it year round. I am so thankful that my Momma had me in the kitchen with her as I was growing up. She has the most amazing cooking ability and so many memories were made ❤

Hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day 🙂



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Giving up and giving thanks

I started off this month charting my fertile symptoms and BBT. I was gooad at it for about a week and then insomnia hit me. From what I’ve read, to get an accurate BBT you need to take it after you’ve been laying down for at least 4 hours. Well that hasn’t happened since last Thursday night. Either the dogs constantly wake me up, P wakes me up or I just can’t sleep. So BBT charting went out the window. I’ve also had ZERO signs of ovulation and today is CD 13, so theoretically I should be having signs that it’s approaching if I’m actually gonna ovulate. So because of the lack of symptoms and no longer charting temps, I am not going to use OPKs this month. I cannot tell you how freeing it has been to not worry about POAS at all and just having fun sex 🙂

In keeping with the Thanksgiving season, here is a list of some of the things that I am thankful for this year :
1. My awesome, understanding husband who tolerates my crazy hormone induced mood swings. He is wonderful and I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.
2. My new Twitter and blog friends. It has been so wonderful to have people who completely understand IF and all the emotions that come with it. Seriously, y’all ROCK!
3. My IRL friends who have been such an awesome support system over the past months. LOVE YOU ❤
4. My zoo of furbabies who snuggle me and lick away my tears.
5. My wonderful family and awesome in-laws ❤
6. My job. I seriously love my job and the friends that I've made here. I will be sad to leave but I know that I have found lifelong friends here.
7. My health insurance that pays for the testing and drugs associated with IUI. (Hopefully it works the next time around and we don't have to worry abour funding IVF.)
8. My health. Other than PCOS and endometriosis I am healthy and happy.

There is way more to be thankful for but I am having blogger ADD right now thanks to the 2 cups of coffee I've had today. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list when I am more focused 🙂

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