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Fertility Diet, so far

Ok, I read 80 pages of The Fertility Diet and so far I am loving it. It makes a lot of sense and it explains things very clearly. The chapters I’ve gotten through cover carbs, fat. PCOS and the specifics of fertility. I’ll try to share some of that knowledge with y’all but I won’t have details right now because I left the book in the car and I’m too lazy to get it right now :-p

Nutritionally speaking, here’s a short breakdown of what I’ve learned about fats: poly- and monounsaturated fats are good and we should eat them. Saturated fats are bad (except dairy-need one full fat serving/day to increase fertility. Avoid low- and no fat dairy) and trans fats are the devil. Seriously, the US needs to ban trans fats. One reputable health/medical association (can’t remember which one and again I am too lazy to get the book at the moment) estimates that approximately 260,000 heart related incidents could be avoided every year if we just banned trans fats. Seriously, it’s so gross when you read about how it’s made, how it’s used and what it does to your body. Not only is is bad for your cardiovascular system, it is also SOOOOOOO very bad for women’s reproductive systems. Like, terrible bad. I was amazed. And I was amazed at how little-only 4g per day-could adversely affect my reproductive system. I was also amazed at how it’s in SOOOOOOO many prepared foods. And did you know that if a food has .5g or less, the company can STILL package it as having 0g of trans fat?! So that means lots of label reading, people. The key phrase to avoid is “partially hydrogenated”-MEMORIZE THAT. Here’s the American Heart Association’s info page on trans fats.

Now on to carbs. A few years ago South Beach and Atkins diets had me avoiding carbs. Boy was I wrong. We NEED carbs, especially the complex carbs that are slow to breakdown. And guess what? We PCOS-ers especially need to be careful about carbs. We need to focus on avoiding simple carbs-white sugars, white bread, potatoes, etc.-and eating complex carbs such as oatmeal, beans, barley, whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole fruits, veggies, etc. Insulin resistance is a big problem if you have PCOS (as evidenced by the belly mush that is HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE even though I am working out) so avoiding the insulin rollercoaster by eating slow carbs is very important to us. Plus, everyone needs good carbs to have energy, good brain functioning and to just enjoy life!

The specifics of making babies was…..very detailed and actually eye opening. There are so many things that have to happen correctly in order for a pregnancy occur; it surprises me that anyone actually gets pregnant without trying. It’s like all the stars have to properly align, you have to stand on one foot, do a special dance, toss some salt over your shoulder and sing a special song in order for sperm to actually meet egg.

I promise to do more updates as I read the Fertility Diet and implement the 10 tips. I already eat a serving of full fat dairy everyday; exercise on a regular basis; avoid trans fats; and have decreased bad carbs. Only a few more tips to implement! Oh, and I will review the recipes that I try and post them here to share with everyone. If any of y’all have any fertility boosting recipes, please feel free to share them on here in the comments 🙂

Ok, bed time. I can hardly think straight. Hope that the heat works b/c it’s COLD tonight.



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Personal progress

Today AF showed up and I didn’t cry. That’s right, I didn’t shed one single teat. I am proud of myself b/c this is the first time in months, maybe over a year, that I haven’t shed at least one tear over AF. I’m sure that part of it is due to the fact that I didn’t expect to get preg and I fully expected AF to show up but still, it’s progress. To celebrate this progress, P and I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday as long as he gets done with work at a decent hour 🙂

I’m also making progress on the working out front and today it showed. I was helping one of my regular clients, a SGT MAJ, with his resume and job hunting. He touched my upper arm while telling me something and remarked that I have guns! Coming from a retiring SGT MAJ that is a huge compliment 🙂 I double up workouts yesterday and I will be doubling up workouts Saturday and Sunday, especially since I shammed on working out today. BWW will be my treat for doubling up on Saturday, that should keep me motivated.

There’s not much progress on the TTC front right now other than I’m planning to buy lots of supplements and nutrient rich foods this weekend when we go grocery shopping. I’m hoping that The Fertility Diet book comes in this week-might go ahead and contact the seller to see when they are shipping it. I’m eating pretty well right now but there’s always room for improvement. P is hoping to hear about his referral tomorrow but if he hasn’t heard anything by lunchtime then he is calling someone to find out what’s going with it. We’ve both been handling this latest TTC roadblock pretty well since the initial shock, which makes me proud of us as a couple.

That’s really about all that’s going on right now but I am proud of myself and my wonderful husband. Oh yeah, and I start charting/temping tomorrow. I figure that I might as well see what my body is doing without being on all the lovely IF drugs. Hopefully I’ll have a decent looking chart and maybe, just maybe I’ll ovulate on my own.


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