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The 3rd time WAS a charm!!!

I called TriCare today and they approved our referral to see Dr. Storment in July. I am so freaking excited, I can hardly stand it!!! Seriously, I am so excited. I tried to call my hubby and tell him b/c he was just asking me about it this morning but his phone was off due to him being in the field. Seriously, this makes me starting AF today a bit less painful.

I’m about 1/4 of the way through The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. So far I have figured out that several of my Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) are messed up. I have not gotten far enough in to see what exactly to do about the messed up Qi but that’s coming up in the next few chapters. My goal is to get all of them squared away before going to the dr in July. The boook really makes sense and treating infertility holisitcally makes complete sense to me. I should of started doing this months or even years ago.

Well, P and I are officially insane. We adopted another puppy. He is a Rottie/Lab mix and we named him Bear. He is 3 months old and already weighs 27 lbs.

Bear, our newest furbaby

Bear, our newest furbaby

He is cute, soft and WILD!!!! He is so funny running around on his big ol’ feet =) Hopefully we get our yard super soon so that I can let all the dogs run out their energy outside. So our current zoo population is 4 dogs and 2 cats. The zoo is no longer accepting tenants at this time.


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Third time’s a charm??

I called my dr’s nurse for the third time yesterday in an attempt to get a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I know that she is putting in the requests-I hear her type them while I’m on the phone. We don’t WTF is going on except that TriCare can be a pain in the ass when it comes to infertility issues. She told me to call TriCare in one week to check on the referral.

The upside, she is requesting that I see the RE in Lafayette which means that we could potentially start the IUI process much sooner than if we went to a military post. Here’s hoping and praying that we get preggo!


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We’ve come pretty far….

I have been stressed and in a generally foul mood since my hubby left for this Army competition. Well, we were talking today and he said those words. He reminded me that a little over a year ago we only had one car; we owed WAY more in credit card debt and we were still paying off his divorce attorney. Now we have paid off a significant portion of our CC debt and continue to pay it down significant;y each month; we have 2 vehicles; the divorce attorney has long since been paid off and our relationship has improved because of all that we have been through. Yeah, we’ve definitely come pretty far.

I suck at tough love so I texted R, the sis in law, the other night. I decided that I need to keep the lines of communication open with her b/c for whatever reason when she is uber-paranoid, she calls me and trusts me. If she ever can’t care for S and her unborn baby, I want her to feel that she can come to me and that I will take care of them. She has agreed to write me as soon as she gets into Village of Hope so that I will have an address to send things to S and the new baby when he/she is born. These might be the only nieces/nephews that I ever have-my brothers don’t have children and I don’t know if P’s brother plans to have children-so I need to cherish them.

Nothing new on our journey to having a baby. I will be calling TriCare today to see if they have a referral for me yet and I will going to the pharmacy to pick up more meds. I really hope and pray that we get pregnant this year. I’m concerned about my endometriosis getting worse and my PCOS flaring up again. Of course I’m just also plain ready to have a baby (or 2) after TTC for so long. Seriously, it should not be this hard to get knocked up.


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Update from Podunkville

Infertility Update:
I have to go back the day before surgery just for a type and screen blood test in case they need to give blood to me

After 2 hrs and 10 minutes my appt is finally over! There was a lot of paperwork to be completed by the nurse-that definitely took the longest. Who knew there were 10 different ways to ask you if you have a latex allergy! I will be under general anesthesia on surgery day and have to use a spirometer (?) for a few days after surgery to be sure that fluid doesn’t settle in my lungs. The morning of surgery I will pee in a cup at home (cup and label provided by the Army) so that the dr can do a quick pregnancy test before he starts the procedure. If I am the first surgical pt then I should be home by lunch time. If not it’s gonna suck b/c I can’t eat/drink anything after midnight the night before.

My BP was 106/66 (woohoo!) but my temp was 99. . . not sure why b/c I usu have a lower than normal body temp but I feel fine so I’m not worried. The night before and the morning of surgery I have to wash with a special soap provided by the dr. They did a CBC on me today and my MRSA test results should be back Monday. I have to call the day before the surgery to find out my time.

THe day of surgery I will check in with Admissions and then go to the Surgical Pavillion with my pee cup. They will take my pee and then P and I will just chill in the SP waiting room until they call me. After the surgery I will go to Recovery Phase 1 the Recovery Phase 2. I have to be able to hold down a snack-juice and crackers-and pee before I can leave. While I’m in Recovery P will take my ID card and get my drugs from the pharmacy. Once I leave I can bascially do nothing for the first 24 hours other than relax at home and have P wait on me hand and foot =)

Job update:
Tomorrow I interview for a postion in Customer Service at the PX. It’s not a great job but at least it’s not working a cash register.

I still can’t get the damn website to work so I can apply to be a SW or a Dietetic Technician at BJACH. That bitch better be up and running soon. Today I am applying for another postion at CYS, the Army daycare.

I am excited about tonight =) P and I will be heading to Amy and Alan’s house to celebrate Hino getting out of the Army. We will eat, we will drink, we will be merry and for a few hours we might even forget that we live in hell.

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